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  • Trisha Mercer

    Trisha is the voice of the Orion Wire Broadcast News Service. Anytime you happen to be listening in a high class tavern or nobles home, you’re likely hearing her voice over The Wire. She’s a rather private individual on or off The Wire, she loves her job, …

  • Falcon McCoy

    Anyone who's worked with Falcon knows he doesn't tend to realize exactly how much he's asking for, but he's considered a fair man, happily raising pay after hearing the story of survival past clients went through on requests from him.

  • 'Slick' James

    Slick James is the owner of [[City Rheinland | Jame's Tavern in Rheinland]] and self proclaimed "Philantropicist". Not the most educated of individuals, James grew up on the streets of Greymouth in Orion and got his nickname from stealing Oil from the …