Age of Orion

Dusk Chasers: Episode One

Escape from the Metal God


Escape from the Metal God


With combined help from Elisa Fortune and Sssol, the Dusk Chasers are freed from their prison and fight the remaining Lizardfolk. As they escape a fight breaks out in the Arcane Reactor room, again victorious they sabotage the Reactor and search for Elisa’s Cloak that Jex has. Heading towards the Detention Block, they encountered a Walker created by the Promethean, and after a tough fight and a hail of metal fists from Tyler they emerge victorious once again. Pushing forwards they’re trapped in a mantrap that starts filling with gas. Kai noted it’s the same mix that Nox used during the war. The Dusk Chasers were able to break out of the door before they all were rendered unconscious by the gas, only to find the Promethean on the other side before losing consciousness.

Important Results:
  • Defeated Metal God’s Chosen Lizard Folk.
  • Disabled Arcane Reactor.
  • Defeated The Promethean Walker.
  • Determined the knock out gas was Noxian.
  • Did not recover the Steam Turbine.
  • Did not encounter the Promethean Elite Guard.
  • Did not encounter the Noxian Walker.
  • Did not uncover the secret of the Facility.
  • Dusk Chasers were captured and did not escape.


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