Age of Orion

Episode One

Season Three Premiere


3rd of Summer, 1007 CE

Automail-clad shifter and fighter, Gilly, boarded for the maiden voyage of the Nox-Orion Express, where she met the rest of our party and a few other folks: Katherine, cleric of Rasha; Kat’s otter, Diver; Innr, a half-elf bard with a massive collection of instruments; Jex, a cowardly noble and fighter who dual-wields two rapiers; Relic, a warforged paladin of Patron; and Bahresh, a bronze dragonborn cleric of Mayuri.

We got into a bit of a scuffle when a very drunk and irate Lady Amelia Gearhart demanded that Relic dance for her. Relic refused to fight back, but Innr pulled a prank to make it appear as though Amelia had soiled herself. She demanded that her guards beat Innr up, so while Jex had her distracted at the bar, Innr magically made himself look bruised and spent some time in another car with the guards as a ruse.

The next day, a necklace belonging to Lady Gabby Wheellock went missing. While Jex and Bahresh searched for it, the train was attacked by raptor-riding bandits. Relic cleared our car of anyone who could not fight, leaving just the PCs, Kat, and Diver. Jex tried to escape but was cut off and forced to defend himself, inadvertently killing one of the bandits. The rest we scared off, excepting one that we knocked unconscious and tied up to be handed over to the authorities.

Relic and Jex got in an argument, Relic being appalled that anyone with fighting skills would try to run and Jex being appalled that we resorted to violence rather than just giving the bandits our money. They were interrupted by the passengers from the next car over, who reentered our car and praised us as heroes. Jex quickly changed his tune and went to join the party next door, and the rest of us were approached by a noble named Falcon McCoy. Falcon invited us to do some jobs for him, one in which we’d track down a mysterious beast that had been killing people, another in which we’d retrieve (and purify) a legendary evil sword for him.

After the party, the train arrived at its destination, and we were promptly pickpocketed. Jex caught the thief in the act, but she drugged him and slipped away, leaving in his pocket the missing necklace and a handkerchief reading “Welcome to the big city, folks! -EF.” Kat and Diver departed from us to meet up with their own adventuring group, the Dusk Chasers, and Relic used the reward money from capturing one of the bandits to board in a squalid living situation for the evening, communing with the poor. The rest of us took Jex to Falcon’s estate so that he could come down from his high and we could discuss the details of Falcon’s two jobs. Falcon explained that EF could possibly be Elisa Fortune, a mysterious local mountain thief.

We spent the rest of the evening getting to know each other a little better: Innr was there to perform a show, Jex was there to compete in the Thunder Chasers tournament, Bahresh was there to spread the good works and word of Mayuri, and Gilly was there to get upgrades for her Automail.

(Apologies if these log entries feel a bit Gilly-centric – Maria is writing them.)


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