Age of Orion

Episode Six

Legacy: The Fall


9th of Summer, 1007 CE

DM Short notes:
First Half

  • Bahresh got knighted
  • Bahresh and Ivan removed the Petrification from the Platinum Dragon egg.
  • Bahresh traded the painting for one of Falcon’s Firearms, specifically a Vindicator.
  • Gilly, Relic and Ivan restored Kase’s memories.
  • Innr made a deal with Lilith and acquired the contractual use of Produce Flame.
  • Kase begrudgingly received a collar of speak with Animal.
  • Kase and Mute spoke, Mute joined the Dusk Chasers and Kase joined the players group.
  • Relic checked in with Slick James before heading out.
  • Jex had a conversation with the Thief, who tried to dissuade Jex from adventuring. “It always ends poorly Jex.”

Second Half

  • The ceiling of a Stahlwachian Facility gave way and the group fell through.
  • Relic and Bahresh took a hard fall.
  • Gilly was pierced through the heart, and learned she doesn’t have a flesh and blood heart.
  • A group of starving Lizardfolk attacked the group.
  • The party survived and discovered a Lizardfolk camp. The locals are experiments of a local “metal man” who seems to be responsible for the remaining groups amputations.
  • Relic provided a days rations for the Lizardfolk village, and purchased an Arcane battery from the camp.
  • Gilly Acquired a Promethean arm from the Lizardfolk, but without modification it won’t be a viable replacement for her arm.
  • Relic purchased their selection of books (Stahlwachian in nature) and started to burn them before Bahresh rescued some information from them.
  • The group decided to camp for the “night”. They should be waking up around 4am on Summer the 10th


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