Age of Orion

Episode Ten



End of Act: Legacy


Joined by two (Halifaax and Shlanesh) newly rescued kidnapped heroes from Trenton the party spies the major force of the Metal God. Sssol and the four Lizardfolk ran distraction for the rest of the group. The party engaged the rest of the force and emerge victorious if not bruised. Mute thrown down yet another pit. Pushing forwards they encountered The Metal God, who introduced itself as Hansel. Hansel had an deal, let it escape and the 29 hostages, including the Dusk Chasers, don’t die a coughing death. Most of the group took the deal, Jex however had his eyes set on Hansel, and with a little help from Ivan, got his chance to duel the “Metal God”. Innr froze up when Jex caused the Metal God to activate its security plan and gas the hostages. The rest of the party struggled against time to try and free those hostages trapped in cells, and managed to save most, with only 3 deaths after a few quick revivification. The Dusk Chasers made it alive, although badly weakened from the gas. In an attempt to open the cells faster, Gilly faced an impossible choice in a control room, she could destroy the last spell weave that creates Warforged to open the cells, but choose not to, perhaps the newly “born” Warforged calling itself Alpha weighted her choice. The penultimate stop before transitioning to the Forum for Episode 10.5 involved a short trip to the Interrogation room, where Gilly picked up a Topaz set in a silver necklace, and had a quick trip to the mysterious other realm. Lastly Bahresh followed suit, taking a trip to see the spirit of his mother, and meet the current goddess of death Rasha.


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