Age of Orion

Episode Twenty Nine


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Time to Salvage the old sunken Mobius, what could possibably go wrong?

Session ends on Autumn 25th (Noon).

Next Week:
Act 6: Crush Depth
Episode 30: A Night to Remember

Cunning Action doesn’t grant an extra bonus action, it provides a means to use the one bonus action you’re capable of taking each turn. (PHB. 189) Points out the cunning action feature in it’s example. While you always have a bonus action, you do not have any way to use it until a class feature, spell, or other ability gives you a way to use it.

Jex’s Telepathy: Requires line of sight and is up to 30 feet, and single target.
PHB 110: “You can communicate telepathically with any creature (singular) you can see within 30 feet of you…”

Ivan’s Telepathy: Takes a bonus action, can communicate with a willing creature with in 120 feet. It’s means of communication is referred to as “Telepathic utterances”, which provokes a more verbal feel.

Telepathy in General: It may all be mental, but using K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) it’ll be treated as all other means of communication, with the exception that it’s far more private and harder to detect. Same speed of communication, and it’s biggest draw back is that it can only be used on a single target at a time (At least from the abilities I recently checked).


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