Age of Orion

Episode Twenty Two

Still Life

Still Life

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It looks like things aren’t going well for Foxcrest, half the town watch is dead and the Exilarchy is right in the woods. With all the pieces to fix Kase’s Curse, it’s only a matter of time now before she’s back to normal, and then maybe Rina will have a chance of coming to. Innr reveals his plans, and nothing quite goes as planned. Has a new evil been unleashed in Nox? What dark influence has the Far Realm had on Nox? And what’s going on with that Manor?

Post Episode Notes

Downtime Break Down
6 Days: In flight from Foxcrest to Blackmarsh and then to Trenton.
3 Days Planned: In Trenton while Gilly get’s her automail fixed.
3 Days Planned: Traveling back to Foxcrest

Jex’s Final Vision
Jex reach the end of the path, and there he saw a tired looking man sitting on the steps to a grand manor. The man looks up, skin dark, hair spiked in a red Mohawk, two dragonborn stand ready, one male armored in half plate and armed with twin blades, the other female, wearing a bomber jacket, goggles, and wielding an exact replica of Bahresh’s family pistol. Down the steps from the dragonborn Mute stands bow ready looking rather serious, next to her a Rahshaki woman with white and blue fur stands with arms crossed, dressed in huntsman’s leathers. Finally Brant standing there fully armed and armored. A second that drags out for eternity, Jex feels the image being seared into his brain, and then he wakes up, covered in a cold sweat. His uncles voice clear in his head, “It all comes back to that Manor, that’s where you need to be to fix all of this. Do some research on one Brent Embers, that may lead you to a way to access this plane of existence.”

Next Week:
Episode 23: “Circling Shadows”


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