Age of Orion

Episode Two

Hunting Expectations


4th of Summer, 1007 CE

DM Notes:
Gilly was visited by and had her arm upgraded by Vel, she was numbed for the replacement and put under for a bit.
Relic met Slick James, an old Half-elf whale oil thief who now runs a tavern in hopes of providing for the down trodden. James was suspicious of Relic at first due to previous “philanthropic ventures” other have performed in the city, quickly warmed to Relic.
Innr woke having set his pillow on fire, accidentally, although me mentioned it was not an uncommon occurrence.
Jex started his morning drinking with Falcon, and quickly exchanged that for saving a woman from carriage carnage. Jex believes the woman might be Elisa Fortune, but her introduction as Lady Andrea Cross swayed him, at least for the moment. They spoke of politics and her recent adjustment to blind life, before being escorted to a train to Greymouth and Jex returned to the Falcon estate to prepare for the hunt.
Bahresh dreamt of a black dragon who eyes became eclipsed and being drown in snow hearing a familiar voice whisper to him “Bahresh, you must be the flame in the snow.” In the dream he attempted to breath fire, but was unable to do so.
Ivan woke and started his day with breakfast and a little planning, his current landlord and friend Orisk the dwarven blacksmith. Poking around town he gathered some information about the beast hunting the farmers and foresters of Rheinland, and eventually set off to the forest to hunt the beast down.

Into the woods:
Party encountered Ivan and Mute, Mute technically for the second time as Gilly remembered her from the train with her pet fox who was finally introduced as Kase. Kase seemed interested in Relic and Relic was interested in Mute’s bracelet which she spoke of shortly saying, “It was a friend of mines, well more than a friend. She thought she needed to hide her past from me and I guess my curiosity proved her wrong.” A short talk later, Mute headed back towards town and Ivan joined the party on the hunting expedition.
The group heard howling in the distance and did their best to avoid the local wildlife, only to stumble into a Wolf den, the group managed to intimidate the wolves long enough into retreating and left the wolf pups alone, although Innr was tempted with the idea of having a young pup to raise.
Cabin in the Woods
Stumbling across an old cabin in the woods, the party cautiously examined it and found a large snake’s track leading away from the house. The track being somewhat fresh the group decided to hunker down for the night and recover as well as explore the structure. With some investigating and Bahresh’s knowledge of Dwarven Sea Shanties, they figured out how to activate a Painted Storage Realm and Bahresh collected 3 pearls from the paining before calling it a night.

5th of Summer, 1007 CE:

DM Notes:
Morning Hunt
Continuing the hunt from yesterday the group managed to track the beast, which was discovered to be a Puma which had somehow become a conduit of magical energies. It was clear the beast had been hunted, but was quickly dispatched under the combined might of the party of seven. They were then quickly visited by the giant snake they had tracked earlier, which they also dispatched. With work completed the group split up, half heading back to the cabin, the other half attempting to find the beasts den. They never found the den but they were stopped when they reached the White Forest, and found an area of magical energy moving through the forest, freezing anything it came in contact with. The group reconvened at the cabin and made their way back to Rheinland.

Evening Rest
The day ended with Bahresh being shown Falcon’s firearm collection, the snake was cooked, served, eaten and then the leftovers were taken by Gilly, Bahresh, and Relic to Jame’s Tavern. Relic also donated 15 gold to the tavern and James was shocked at such generosity.


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