A. Del

Queen of Kana


A. Del is a human Death Knight and Sif’s ward, inspired to redeem herself by his sacrifice. She took on a position of power in Kana and helped reassemble its government.

Physical Description
A. Del is tall, muscular, and appears no older than thirty. She wears her blonde hair in a neat ponytail.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Born: 437 CE (Birth), 993 CE (Rebirth)
Died: 460 CE (Death Knight), N/A
Age: Physical 32, Chronological 572
Nationality: Kana


A. Del originally worked for the king of Kana, but was beaten and defeated by Brent Embers & Associates, who did not have means to destroy a death knight. Stripped of her armor and weapons she followed along, Sif planned to find a way to save her, and eventually started turning her to the path of redemption. During the final assault on the King’s Keep, A. Del held her own and was left to fight the army of the undead when the heroes fled from the hopeless battle. She helped save lives and eventually became Queen of Kana, a title she still holds. She has since lost her status as a death knight, finding redemption for the actions that damned her to undeath, she was resurrected by Patron and now has been given a second chance at life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

A. Del

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