Alice Ironfist

Independent Adventurer


Alice Ironfist is the goddaughter of Grace Naraday, sister to Matthew Ironfist. Currently an independent adventurer and explorer, mapping the Wild Lands and looking for treasure and the Muse Masks.

Physical Description
Alice’s hair is colored a dark purple with a permanent illusion spell, and her skin is darkened with a serious tan. She stands about 5’8" and is rather built. Trained as a monk but not having the patience for it, she practiced a more strength oriented unarmed combat style derived from Chakain Martial Arts, and her build shows it.

Alignment: CG
Died: N/A
Nathaniel Darkwalker (father)
Serana Ironfist (mother)
Matthew Ironfist (brother)
Grace Naraday (godmother)
Nationality: Kana
Religion: The Patron

Alice Ironfist

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