Ethan 'Silver Fang' Edwards

Half-Elf Werewolf Gunslinger Ranger


Human: Half-Elf with light brown Chakain skin.
Hybrid: See character portrait.
Animal: Timber wolf

Personality: Irritable, addicted to Ease, Delight, and Frolic, most unstable and impulsive of the Silver Scars. Almost completely unable to control himself during the three nights of the full moon, hates this fact. Sharp eye and sharpshooter, finds purpose in hunting monsters, but has a soft spot for Lycanthropes.

Theme: Imagine Dragons – Monster

Race: Half-Elf, Werewolf (Tiberwolf)
Class: Ranger
Alignment: True Neutral (Recovering Neutral Evil)
Born: 981 CE
Died: N/A
Age: 26
Father: Roran Silverwind (Chakain)
Mother: June Edwards (Noxian)
Sister: Rebecca Edwards
Nationality: Noxian
Hometown: Ravencroft
Religion: Unknown.
Allegiance: Silver Scars


History Unknown to Players.

Ethan 'Silver Fang' Edwards

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