Dolenleth (Finn) Aschendale

Male Wood Elf Lycanthrope Ranger


Former member of Brent Embers & Associates. Around 250 years old, Dolenleth Aschendale is a wood elf tiger lycanthrope. His name is a composite of the Elvish words for “concealed” or “hidden” and “fur.”

Physical Description
Dolenleth has strawberry blond hair, tan skin, and a toned build.

Dolenleth’s Theme

Born: c. 750 CE
Died: N/A
Age: ~250
Fhadiana Aschendale
Gilly Aschendale
Linnathon Meliamne
Gwathra Meliamne
Estellon Aschendale
Nationality: Nox

Early Life (c. 750 CE – 846 CE)

Dolenleth was born to his mother Fhadiana in Nox. He never knew his father, who was killed by the locals for being a lycanthrope. It was a few years before Dolenleth’s first change; then the village couldn’t be held back. They came for Dolenleth. Fhadiana gave her life to protect Dolenleth, waking him in the middle of the night and telling him to run.

Dolenleth ran to Chakai and spent a few years there before hearing about the Glade on Kana. The idea of breaking away from poverty and elevating himself away from being a second class citizen won Dolenleth over, and a few months of saved silver got him to Kana. He spent most of his time there enjoying his freedom and learning to fight the undead. Years passed, and eventually he bumped into a party of adventurers that would change the course of his life again.

Adventuring Life (846 CE – 877 CE)

Dolenleth first found the party after they had defeated the demons in the depths of The Night Inn. He came to offer them the chance at a blessing from the Glade of the Crescent Moon. When things went south, Finn was told by the Glade elders to keep an eye on the group, which sat fine with him – he had a feeling about one of them in particular. The Glade council found him a little impulsive but expected that he would mellow with age.

Finn is now married to Rain; together they’ve raised a daughter, Gil “Gilly” Aschendale.

Married Life (877 CE – present)

Finn took the name Dolenleth shortly after marrying Rain, and his punny name paints the picture of the type of father he became. He would make use of his lycanthropy to give child Gilly tiger rides. He taught Gilly about her heritage and walked her through controlling her shifting when she was in her teens. Together with Estellon (Rain’s adult Elvish name), the two trained Gilly in basic archery. He had the shock of his life in 922 CE when Gilly was nearly killed by anti-shifter extremists. The event struck him hard, partially because Estellon was with her and he wasn’t; it changed him. Dolenleth, instead of trying to clamp down on Gilly’s life, simply let go of the worry. He focused on enjoying what time he had with her, unsure when this world would snap Gilly away from him.

Dolenleth (Finn) Aschendale

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