Flannan "Quick" Quigley

War Hero of Chakai


Quick ran a successful flight business called Quick’s Airstrip out of Chakai.

Physical Description
Quick stood at 6’2" and weighed about 150 lbs. He had a lanky build, dark blue eyes, brown hair, and slightly tanned skin.

Theme: Busy Earnin’ – Jungle

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Born: 820
Died: 883 (Hopes Landing Incident)
Age: Season 2 (28)
Nationality: Nox/ Chakai
Religion: Business


Quick was a soldier, mercenary would fit him better, during the Chakian war of Independence. He flew for Chakai and as such was well rewarded after the war. A suave talker, he eventually married a stand offish Shifter who was working as a pilot for his business. The business itself remains in the families hands, although the number of ships they can maintain has dropped.

Hopes Landing Incident (883 CE)

Quick passed during a Kaiju battle, the Crimson Hunters (Chakain Kaiju Hunters) had developed a bomb designed to stick into Kaiju and detonate. The problem was deploying in, during the first pass Quick let off the Kaiju hunters, they could already see Chakai on the horizon and this one was on its sixth evolution, it had become the biggest threat to Chakai any Kaiju had ever posed. Ready to make his second pass and drop the bomb the Kaiju sprouted spine shooters and tried to take down his craft, any time he got close he couldn’t avoid hits and was forced to veer off. Finally he made a pass and saw the entire Crimson Hunters squad of eight dead or dying. Half a mile from shore Quick picked up a sending stone and said good bye to his wife and two children, then climbed into the sky. He dove straight down at the Kaiju, getting its attention last minute and flying down its throat. The citizens of Chakai who could see the scene unfold were horrified, but a moment later the beast blew in half. The Quiggly family became nobility over night and continued their Airship business. There’s a statue of Quick erected in Hopes Landing Memorial Park, the inscription reads: “War Hero, City Protector, Father. Flannen ‘Quick’ Quiggly.”

Flannan "Quick" Quigley

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