Haska Solomon

Lizardfolk Shaman (Druid / Ranger)


Light grey, tan, and brown scales and piercing black eyes. Haska has a very plain appearance but very effective camouflage. He stands 6’4" tall and weighs 200 lbs. Haska is usually armed with his staff for spell-casting but also has been known to carry a bow, spear or scimitar. He is a skilled ranger and wise druid.

Alignment: Neutral
Born: 972 CE
Died: N/A
Age: 35
Henso Solomon- Son
Soto “Sssol” Solomon – Brother
Henso Halleth- Father in law
Reemey Halleth – Mother in law
Sar Solomon- Father (deceased)
Grecka Solomon – Mother (deceased)
Adder Solomon
Nationality: Orion
Religion: Cernos


Haska Solomon was a member of the Greenspine Lizardfolk Tribe. Born to parents Sar and Grecka Solomon, he was raised within the tribe to be a Circle of the Land Druid and eventually became one of the wiser, higher-ranking Druids of the tribe. The enterprising young lizardfolk began selling meat, furs, herbs, and fungi to merchants in the city of Trenton at a young age. From this trade, he learned the common tongue. When his younger brother Soto was old enough, Haska began teaching him the language and letting him tag along for the hunting, gathering, and trading. At age 28, Haska married Adder Halleth Solomon, another high-ranking Druid of the Greenspine. At age 31, Haska fathered his only son, Henso Solomon. When the ‘Metal God’ led the Greenspine Tribe underground, Haska and Adder left the tribe and stayed above-ground with their son and moved closer to the city of Trenton. Since that time, Adder and Haska began learning ranger skills to compensate for the loss of the communal benefits of being part of a tribe. The couple make their living hunting wild game and collecting edible and medicinal plants and fungi which they sell to restaurants, clothiers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers in Trenton.

Haska’s Theme

Haska Solomon

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