Haze 'Silver Void' Voidwalker

Shifer Werecoyote Psi-Warrior


Humanoid: Brown hair down to her hips, Caucasian with a heavy tan, muscular build. Usually wearing black and grays, long sleeves and pants, stays fairly well covered.
Hybrid: See image. Haze wasn’t born with Heterochromia, but was a side effect of her contact with the Far Realm.
Animal: A dusty brown Coyote.

Personality: Energetic, excitable, bubbly, She’s got far to much optimism. Out of all the Silver Scars, she seems the most normal in terms of personality, perhaps it’s her youth.

Theme: Supermans Feinde – Shine

Race: Shifter (Longstride), Afflicted Werecoyote
Class: Barbarian, Mystic
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Born: 988 CE
Died: N/A
Age: 19
Father: Basalt Wavedasher (Kana)
Mother: Scarlet Stonedancer (Kana)
Nationality: Kana
Religion: Cernos
Allegiance: Silver Scars

Wearing Psi-Pauldrons over her black cloth clothing and armed with two large gauntlets that are actually Warp Blades. Haze also has two Vindicators strapped to her legs, unlike the rest of the Silver Scars, she doesn’t use revolver.


History Unknown to Players.

Haze 'Silver Void' Voidwalker

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