Henso Solomon

Lizardfolk toddler


Vibrant red-orange scales which will most likely fade and become multicolored with age. Henso stands 2’11" tall and weighs 45 lbs. He is usually armed with toys and sticky fingers. He is neither wise nor skilled.

Alignment: undetermined
Born: 1003 CE
Died: N/A
Age: 4
Haska “Daddy” Solomon- Father
Adder “Mommy” Solomon- Mother
Soto “Sssol” Solomon – Uncle
Henso Halleth- Grandfather
Reemey Halleth – Grandmother
Sar Solomon- Grandfather (deceased)
Grecka Solomon – Grandmother (deceased)
Nationality: Orion
Religion: Cernos ?


Born to parents Haska and Adder Solomon, Henso Solomon is one cute little kid! Seen here with toy sword and armor “costume”, Henso enjoys playing “Fearless Paladin” and one day hopes to grow up to be like his uncle Soto, whom his parents have told him so much about. They want him to become a druid, healer, hunter, merchant, or anything less dangerous than the lifestyle his uncle has chosen.

Henso was abducted to Saint Cuthbert’s home for Wayward children, where he was held within the compound for over a year. The radical militants who had used the orphanage ended up leaving Henso and other chidlren with a horrific experience of credulity, violence, and fear that neither the kids or Henso seem to walk to talk about. It’s unknown what was happening there, and maybe it’s best the truth never comes out, but Henso can’t ever forget what happened there.

Henso Solomon

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