Kara Young

The Shifter Mechanic


Shoulder length well kept black hair, olive skin, Shifter (Beasthide, Jackal), about 5’10", amber eyes.
Kara dresses in a sleeveless dark red v neck top that shows off her stomach and a mid length flowing skirt of the same red cloth. She wears a small leather apron from the waist down is covered in black splotches, similar smaller flecks cover her top and skirt. She wears leather foot wraps, with her toes exposed, and fingerless elbow length leather gloves. Her feet some of her shifter blood, tough and calloused, they have almost claw like nails. That aside her shifter natures comes out in her ears, they’re animalistic and pointed with short brown fur.

Looks to be a laborer of some sort, toned muscles from labor not working out, while clearly capable of athletic feats, not trained or practiced in them. She’s got a set of green tinted goggles, usually perched on her hair.

Theme: Help I’m Alive – Metric

Alignment: True Neutral
Born: 987 CE
Died: N/A
Age: 20
Nationality: Orion
Religion: The Patron.

Medical Status:
Right Arm: Automail arm of Mending.


Kara was captured as a test subject from Trenton. Probably selected due to the fact she’s a Shifter, perhaps that would increase her chance of survival. She was rescued by a group of heroes who she eventually joined, moving her auto-carriage repair business onto their airship.

Kara Young

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