Kathrine 'Kat' Idelon & Diver

Caring Kathrine, Cleric of Rasha & Diver the Otter


Kat is a free spirited human, she looks to be in her early 20’s and seems quite jovial. She’s 5’10", average weight for her height and age, blue eyes, and extremely athletic looking. Kat is easily recognized by her short cut lilac colored hair. She’s a Cleric of Rasha, the goddess of Death, complete with a silvered holy symbol, the half of a peach that symbolizing the cycle of life growing from death.

Kat usually wears light robes, colored dark blue and a shade of lilac close to her hair color. Under the robes she wears a custom made dark gray dive suit with Rasha’s symbol as shoulder patches, since she grew up on an island off of Kana her live revolved around the water. She’s traded her war hammer for a staff, and keeps a book of prayers chained to her side to keep swift hands from ‘borrowing’ it.

Diver is Kat’s otter companion, a 3’7" long, 24 pound, male brown otter, age 4 (of the likely 16 years). Diver has a clear sense of humor, and seems to understand Elven.
Diver in action: Link

Theme: Fix my Eyes

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Born: 984 CE
Died: N/A
Age: 23
Nationality: Kana Southern Islander
Religion: Rasha.



Kat is a caring individual, truly and honestly interested in peoples story, it’s the reason she follows Rasha. She has problems making friends as most people believe she’s simply preaching to them when she’s actually interested in their life. Diver, Kat’s otter, has been known to get the Cleric into trouble, she loves that about him. Diver sets up trouble for Kat, and Kat uses it as a way to get involved in other peoples lives.


She grew up on the southern island chain off of Kana, living between the islands of Juni and Pelus. Kat grew up a diver, spending tons of time swimming and diving in the shallows and deeper waters with Diver as she grew up, her dive suit is home made and is practically her second skin.

Kathrine 'Kat' Idelon & Diver

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