Linnathon Meliamne

Musician of Dartha


Linnathon Meliamne was born and raised in the village of Dartha. His name means “I will sing, I will chant.”

Physical Description
Linnathon was 5’5" and about 120 lbs. He had beige skin, a square jaw, and green eyes. His hair was thick and black-brown, and he wore it shoulder-length and loose. Linnathon liked to dress in slightly fancier clothing than most of his clan and favored shades of blue.

Linnathon’s Theme
Linnathon & Gwathra’s Theme

Alignment: Neutral Good
Born: c. 575 CE
Died: 846 CE
Age: ~270
Estellon Aschendale
Dolenleth Aschendale
Gilly Aschendale
Gwathra Meliamne
Nationality: Wildling
Religion: Old Pantheon


Early Years (c. 575 CE- 675 CE)
Linnathon was born in the woodland clearing village of Dartha in The Wild Lands. From a young age, he showed a penchant for music and was able to play virtually any instrument handed to him, although his favorite was the pan flute. Linnathon also grew to be a talented singer, songwriter, and dancer.

Musician of Dartha (675 CE – 725 CE)
While Linnathon was too much of a homebody to ever leave Dartha and become a bard, the clan found that he made a good “ambassador” in dealings with the nearby towns. His natural charisma and unique musical style made him a favorite among neighbors and helped the clan secure favorable relations and trading deals with them.

Finding Love (725 CE – 800 CE)
During one of his trips to a neighboring town, Linnathon met another wood elf named Gwathra. The two fell in love and married in relatively quick succession. Gwathra made her home with Linnathon in Dartha, and around 750 CE, she gave birth to their daughter, Estellon. Although Estellon seemed to take more after her mother, Linnathon did teach her how to play the pan flute and passed several of his own songs on to her.

The Cleaners’ Attack (800 CE – 846 CE)
One night while the clan slept, a group called The Cleaners set fire to the village, looking to destroy anyone who might have memories of the kingdom of Elysium. Gwathra was the primary target. While Estellon managed to evade capture, Linnathon, Gwathra, and the remaining Darthan survivors were rounded up and subjected to various forms of torture. Linnathon and Gwathra were given over to demons, who eventually ended Linnathon’s life. Estellon found Linnathon’s body in the demon portal and did her best to give him a proper “burial,” laying his body to rest in a patch of roses and singing a dirge for him.

Afterlife (846 CE – present)
Short short: Return.

Linnathon Meliamne

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