Marta "Vel" Velasquez

The Mechromancer


Physical Description:
Vel is an elf, 5’3", she looks frail, about 150 years old. Black hair that’s grown long and wild, Vel has strange red eyes, people assume they’re Automail but she insists they’re natural when questioned.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Born: 851 CE
Died: N/A
Age: 156
Nationality: Orion
Religion: Minerva


Marta goes by Vel, she has a very strong opinion of magic and divine power. Vel dedicates her life to the study of natural philosophy, medicine as a whole, and the biological integration of automail. She’s referred to as the Mechromancer for her medical and mechanical talents that seem almost magical, she hates the idea and the title.

Those who knew her before she became famous will find her a completely different person. She started out inventing things to enhance the lives of others, enjoying everything she made as it brought her great joy. But after she became known as the world’s leading Automail inventor and doctor, she’s become a detached, goal focused individual. Nobles keep demanding she do their Automail work, so she’s put up a front of being a hard ass. Vel still cares about making people happy, but everyone is trying to buy her service now.

“Divine magic belittles the accomplishments of mortals, as their success is owed to their deity or higher being. Arcane magic is a shortcut, something we did not create or fully understand, how can any mortal feel proud when using someone else’s work?” -Marta Velasquez


  • Vel is known for pioneering the craft of Artisan level Automail.
  • Vel created the first artificial eye for a customer of hers who was blind, the process has yet to be successfully repeated by anyone except her.
  • Vel has performed over 400 Automail installations, and crafted over 2000 pieces of Automail herself.

Marta "Vel" Velasquez

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