Elisa Fortune

The Mountain Thief


Shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, Chakain olive skin tone, green eyes, 5’11".
However she once looked like someone different to everyone who looks at her, but her look was consistent for each person.

Theme: Ghost Assassin VIP – Maduk ft. Veela
Elisa and Jex Theme: i hate u, i love u – gnash

Alignment: Unknown
Born: 982 CE
Died: N/A
Age: 25
Mother – Dead
Father – Dead
Nationality: Orion
Religion: Unknown.


Elisa isn’t well known for staying in one place for long, but she’s been a scourge of the Eastern Mountain Region. No one knows any real details about her, aside from humanoid, female in figure and sound, but never a concrete description from those around the thefts, in fact descriptions varied wildly.

Elisa Fortune started life noble born, the last name coming from the fact the family had come into money via adventuring, and Elisa was set to follow in their footsteps. She had adventured with her family and sometime during her seventeenth birthday the family met their end adventuring. With her parents dead, Elisa begged for her life, and it was granted at the cost of her identity. “Little thief thinks she can take my fortune, now your fortune has run out. Scamper away mewling, become that which you pretend to be. If you learn the true meaning of fortune you will be free.”

Elisa Fortune

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