Petra Sinclair

Quarter Dragon Sorceress Gunslinger


Black hair and dark Chakain skin, Petra is always armed with her rifle and trench gun. She’s a member of the Dusk Chasers, skilled with gunpowder weapons and also a spell-slinger. She may be strong because she’s part dragon, but she’s not particularly buff.

Petra is a quarter dragon, specifically a black dragon. Her hands from the elbow down and Legs from her knees down are dragon in origin. Her hands are scaled on the back, soft on the inside and clawed, making it hard for her to perform small dexterous tasks. Her feet are digitigrade, sharp claws instead of toes, scaled and soft like her hands. While she doesn’t have wings, she does have a tail which she has pierced with three rings near the tip of the tail.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Race: Quarter Black Dragon, (Mother Half-Dragon, Father Human)
Born: 983 CE
Died: N/A
Age: 24
Nationality: Chakain
Religion: The Seven Dragons.


Mother Yesfir was Half Black Dragon, father Ilya was pure human.

Petra carries an old Stahlwachian Trench gun and a Lock Rifle, she has a small array of unique ammunition for both.

Special ammo:

  • Dragon’s Breath Shells: 4d6 fire damage in a 15 ft cone, Dexterity Save DC 15 for half.
  • Thunder Shells: 3d8 thunder damage in a 15 ft cone, Constitution DC 15 to prevent being pushed back 15 ft.
  • Sleeper Cartridge: Roll 8d8, if target would be reduced to 0 by that amount of damage they fall asleep, and can be roused by taking damage, being shaken or slapped.
  • Explosive Cartridge: 8d6 fire damage in a 20 ft radius around the target, Dexterity DC 15 to half damage.

Petra has ended up leaving the Dusk Chasers to guide Bahamut reborn to a dragon to be safely raised.

Petra Sinclair

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