Rebecca 'Silver Claw' Edwards

Half-Elf Werefelid Gunslinger Bard


Human: As pictured but with long braided hair, Half-Elf ears cut to look more human, and light brown Chakain skin.
Hybrid: See portrait.
Animal: Eurasian Lynx

Personality: Warm, inviting, provocative, likes to make friends and flirt far to much. When it comes to business or combat she’s more focused and slow to decide but still remains herself. She’s at home in revealing outfits, enjoys making people she likes uncomfortable by shifting and shamelessly flirting, those who aren’t shaken she usually tries to bed. But she avoid getting attached, usually sabotaging relationships before they can start.

Public Face Theme: Elephante – Temporary Love
Private Face Theme: Imagine Dragons – Demons
Rebecca and Erico Theme: Ciele and Mapps – Parking Lots

Race: Half-Elf, Afflicted Werefelid (Lynx)
Class: Bard
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (‘Recovering’ Chaotic Evil)
Born: 980 CE
Died: N/A
Age: 27
Father: Roran Silverwind (Chakain)
Mother: June Edwards (Noxian)
Brother: Ethan Edwards
Nationality: Noxian
Hometown: Ravencroft
Religion: Unknown.
Allegiance: Silver Scars


History Unknown to Players.

Rebecca 'Silver Claw' Edwards

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