Sara Gillard

The Young Inventor


Originally Sara has strawberry blond hair which she keeps short, very light elven skin, is about five foot nine inches, with her mother’s amethyst eyes.
Now she’s kept her complexion, but apparently has undergone some major automail work. Sara has two light gray wings, and her hair appears to have changed color to match the wings. She usually wears a re-enforced Wet Suit, metal bands augmenting the neoprene suit. The suit has space for her wings to emerge from the back of her shoulder blades. There’s a white gold halo use to hover above her head, she now wears it as a necklace.

Sara’s Season 3 Theme: Memtrix – All You Are
Sara’s Season 4 Theme: The Dirty Youth – Alive

Alignment: ?
Born: 985 CE
Died: N/A (Summer 1007 CE?)
Age: 22
Nationality: Orion
Religion: ?

Father: Edward Gillard
Mother: Vanya Gillard


Edward’s half-elven daughter Sara dreams of following in her father’s footsteps of being an inventor. She currently lives in Trenton, but her studies take her around Orion.

Sara grew up being mostly ignored by her parents, she spent a lot of time alone until she met Lucas. Lucas has been her best friend since Sara was nine, the two were as close to inseparable as a noble born and a Rahshaki gypsy commoner could be.

All of that changed when Lucas vanished, what little world Sara had was gone, and the first person to take an interested in her might have cost Sara her humanity. She underwent a process that resulted in her being more automail than skin and bone, it’s hard to tell if she’s even human any more. Sara hasn’t had time to stop and really think since then, and no one’s asked, she just needs to keep moving forwards, if she stops to think about what she’s become… who knows what will happen.

But it’s likely she won’t have time to stop until she finds Lucas… as long as Lucas isn’t already dead. Although if Lucas isn’t dead, then when Sara finds Lucas will she even be recognizably Sara any more?


  • She has a Magi-Tech right arm, which looks like a normal arm. The arm magically transforms into a magic focal array that vaguely resembles a cannon. It’s a magical artifact which Sara uses in combat, it amplifies the spell one level higher than what they’re cast at.
  • Her left arm is also augmented, it lets her cast detect thought, Shield, and locate object. Runes glow purple when she’s casing a spell.
  • Her right leg is augmented, the leg lets her cast Invisibility on herself.
  • Her left leg is augmented, it holds 3 potions which she can use.
  • Her eyes have been replaced by eyes of True Seeing, they glow like white gold.
  • She had two smooth white tails, they were thick and heavy enough to deal some serious damage, and are also prehensile. However they were lost in combat.
  • Two augmented wings protrude from her back, they let her glide and fly through the air.
  • Sara has 6 more Unnatural Automail ports installed into her back, when these were used Sara lost control, her mind starting to burn out as an outside force controlled her actions.
  • There’s a permanent white gold halo that use to hover over her head, but now rests around her neck, it’s purely aesthetic, a gift from Hansel.

Sara Gillard

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