Shogh 'Show' Boneknitter

Half-orc owner of the Mango Club


Carrying a bit grey and green from the orc skintone with her, Shogh also stands out in a crowd due to her silver hair and boxer build. Shogh has an intensity she can’t seem to turn off, it’s a strange mix of rage and joy that frightens those unfamiliar with her. She goes by Show for those who know her, a nod to her old days.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Born: 980 CE
Died: N/A
Age: 27
Family: Unknown
Nationality: Orion
Religion: Zotal


Shogh was raised in the White Forest, learned to fight and kill to survive, then spent most of her time as a mercenary roaming the known world before returning to Trenton, setting up the Mango Club, and enjoying life. Oh she’s also the bouncer for the Mango Club.

Shogh 'Show' Boneknitter

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