Tessa Dúbar

The Night's Innkeeper


Tessa ran The Night’s Inn on Kana and gave Brent Motherfucking Embers & Associates their first major quest: cleaning out the basement.

Dúbar – Elven for ‘Night Dwelling’

Physical Description
An Elf who hides her ears under a dark green hood.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Born: 768 CE
Died: N/A
Age: 239
Nationality: Kana


Tessa’s Family has always owned The Night Inn on Kana, and since she’s owned it the inn has been haunted. The Demons in the deep basement have always been there, and her family has always kept the demons within. When Brent and party arrived, she tasked them with cleaning out the basement, they went through their own personal nightmare below and emerged triumphant, although party member Uri was lost in closing the demon portal.

Tessa Dúbar

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