Trisha Mercer

The Voice of Orion


Trisha is the voice of the Orion Wire Broadcast News Service. Anytime you happen to be listening in a high class tavern or nobles home, you’re likely hearing her voice over The Wire. She’s a rather private individual on or off The Wire, she loves her job, but she wants to be the one asking the questions not answering them. Local papers despise her because she’s ruining their business and this fact has only concreted her desire to live a private life. Such a mystery, most people only know her name, she keeps almost all personal information about herself a secret among close friends.

“I’ve never seen the purpose of letting our listeners know who I am my Lady. I want to be able to live a normal life and not let fame and fortune pollute my mind. Let Denver Ross or Quin Nedry come for public attention of their sport or cause. I’m here to lift those people up and ask them the questions that people want to hear answers to.” -Trisha Mercer, Voice of Orion Discussion between Queen Kaime and The Voice of Orion, ‘The Voice and the Queen of Country’

Trisha Mercer

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