Octavia Von Strauß

Vampiress with a Heart


Old ally of Brent Embers & Associates, Saki’s former lover.

Physical Description
Pale and eternally beautiful, Octavia usually wears a black dress.

Theme: Cain – Tiamat

Alignment: Neutral Good
Born: ~ 400 IA
Died: N/A
Age: ~1400
Nationality: Unknown
Religion: Patron


Octavia Von Strauß is a vampire who has interacted with heroes of legend, and is generally seen as a good vampire by those in the know. Society as a whole doesn’t look kindly on her, she is still a blood suckers and as such clearly can’t be trusted. She is a devotee of The Patron and apparently knew The Patron when he was but a Demigod. Time has been hard on her, losing friends and lovers to the slip of time, she has on occasion sired those she was close to with their permission, or so they say.

Her turn of heart is a story told by followers of Patron, apparently she had grown tired of the world and coldhearted. But a party of adventurers who stumbled across her had a follower of Patron, who asked a favor of Patron, make Octavia Von Strauß an important person in their adventures. The Patron saw her slow corruption of character and for the first in a long time, Patron took a step to be involved in the world instead of simply audience. The Patron in that moment reminded Octavia of her earlier life and filled her with hope that these adventurers would change her life for the better. As with all stories about Patron’s past, there tend to be some embellishments.

Octavia Von Strauß

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