Age of Orion

Episode Thirteen
Our Future

Warning! Episode contains violence towards and from children, if you’re sensitive to this material please skip this episode.

Bahresh receives some strange information, and one solid lead arrives on Innr’s door, pointing to the location of Soto’s brother Haska’s lost child Henso.

Summer the 17th
Ends with 3 days of Down Time.
Next Session will start on the morning of Summer the 21st.

Episode Twelve


Downtime in Trenton, it’s all building to something.

Episode Eleven


Start of Act: Blizzards and Bygones

Leaving the Stahlwachian facility, our heroes and the town folk of Trenton they rescued make their way to Trenton. Bahresh took Mute, Kase, and Kara in the Copper Protector and flew back to Trenton. Both parties encountered strange weather for early summer, a blizzard rolls in and has seemingly settled over Trenton and the near by area, how far it reaches is unknown. The heroes regroup and spend some downtime in Trenton.

Episode Ten


End of Act: Legacy


Joined by two (Halifaax and Shlanesh) newly rescued kidnapped heroes from Trenton the party spies the major force of the Metal God. Sssol and the four Lizardfolk ran distraction for the rest of the group. The party engaged the rest of the force and emerge victorious if not bruised. Mute thrown down yet another pit. Pushing forwards they encountered The Metal God, who introduced itself as Hansel. Hansel had an deal, let it escape and the 29 hostages, including the Dusk Chasers, don’t die a coughing death. Most of the group took the deal, Jex however had his eyes set on Hansel, and with a little help from Ivan, got his chance to duel the “Metal God”. Innr froze up when Jex caused the Metal God to activate its security plan and gas the hostages. The rest of the party struggled against time to try and free those hostages trapped in cells, and managed to save most, with only 3 deaths after a few quick revivification. The Dusk Chasers made it alive, although badly weakened from the gas. In an attempt to open the cells faster, Gilly faced an impossible choice in a control room, she could destroy the last spell weave that creates Warforged to open the cells, but choose not to, perhaps the newly “born” Warforged calling itself Alpha weighted her choice. The penultimate stop before transitioning to the Forum for Episode 10.5 involved a short trip to the Interrogation room, where Gilly picked up a Topaz set in a silver necklace, and had a quick trip to the mysterious other realm. Lastly Bahresh followed suit, taking a trip to see the spirit of his mother, and meet the current goddess of death Rasha.

Episode Nine
The Mobius



Discover some family history, rescue a Lizardfolk, and fight some walking Artillery.

Dusk Chasers: Episode One
Escape from the Metal God


Escape from the Metal God


With combined help from Elisa Fortune and Sssol, the Dusk Chasers are freed from their prison and fight the remaining Lizardfolk. As they escape a fight breaks out in the Arcane Reactor room, again victorious they sabotage the Reactor and search for Elisa’s Cloak that Jex has. Heading towards the Detention Block, they encountered a Walker created by the Promethean, and after a tough fight and a hail of metal fists from Tyler they emerge victorious once again. Pushing forwards they’re trapped in a mantrap that starts filling with gas. Kai noted it’s the same mix that Nox used during the war. The Dusk Chasers were able to break out of the door before they all were rendered unconscious by the gas, only to find the Promethean on the other side before losing consciousness.

Important Results:
  • Defeated Metal God’s Chosen Lizard Folk.
  • Disabled Arcane Reactor.
  • Defeated The Promethean Walker.
  • Determined the knock out gas was Noxian.
  • Did not recover the Steam Turbine.
  • Did not encounter the Promethean Elite Guard.
  • Did not encounter the Noxian Walker.
  • Did not uncover the secret of the Facility.
  • Dusk Chasers were captured and did not escape.
Episode Seven
Molten Theater


10th of Summer, 1007 CE, 4 am – 5 am

Episode Six
Legacy: The Fall


9th of Summer, 1007 CE

DM Short notes:
First Half

  • Bahresh got knighted
  • Bahresh and Ivan removed the Petrification from the Platinum Dragon egg.
  • Bahresh traded the painting for one of Falcon’s Firearms, specifically a Vindicator.
  • Gilly, Relic and Ivan restored Kase’s memories.
  • Innr made a deal with Lilith and acquired the contractual use of Produce Flame.
  • Kase begrudgingly received a collar of speak with Animal.
  • Kase and Mute spoke, Mute joined the Dusk Chasers and Kase joined the players group.
  • Relic checked in with Slick James before heading out.
  • Jex had a conversation with the Thief, who tried to dissuade Jex from adventuring. “It always ends poorly Jex.”

Second Half

  • The ceiling of a Stahlwachian Facility gave way and the group fell through.
  • Relic and Bahresh took a hard fall.
  • Gilly was pierced through the heart, and learned she doesn’t have a flesh and blood heart.
  • A group of starving Lizardfolk attacked the group.
  • The party survived and discovered a Lizardfolk camp. The locals are experiments of a local “metal man” who seems to be responsible for the remaining groups amputations.
  • Relic provided a days rations for the Lizardfolk village, and purchased an Arcane battery from the camp.
  • Gilly Acquired a Promethean arm from the Lizardfolk, but without modification it won’t be a viable replacement for her arm.
  • Relic purchased their selection of books (Stahlwachian in nature) and started to burn them before Bahresh rescued some information from them.
  • The group decided to camp for the “night”. They should be waking up around 4am on Summer the 10th
Episode Five
The Eclipse


8th of Summer, 1007 CE
Episode Four
The Temple of Forgotten Evil

[Needs details, players feel free to add them]

7th of Summer, 1007 CE

Having helped out Mute, and gained the companionship of Kase the party ventures into the Temple proper. They first enter a dining area, Innr goes to explore the connected kitchen and stumbles across two Smoke Mephits. A quick round of combat later, and the party is looks around. Relic finds 3 golden goblets, and 16 sets of silverware as loot. The party regroups and moves forwards.

The next room is large, contains four boxes, and has tapestries on the wall. Kase slips past and goes to investigate one of the boxes, the group splits a bit, Bahresh and Innr check out the nearest crate, Relic and Ivan go to check on Kase. Bahresh sees a book on top of the crate, “The Tenants of Tiamat” and goes to grab it, setting off a trap. A bear trap triggers, breaking out the top of the crate to latch around Bahresh’s arm, at that moment the two non-investigated crate reveal themselves as mimics and engage. Innr helps Bahresh out of the bear trap but loses his performers mask in the process.

The Mimic’s deal some damage, but the party prevails. Bahresh keeps the book for later, and the party checks the direct path to the other side of the temple, only to find it collapsed and ready to collapse further. They push on and find another room, with a side room only accessible via ladder. The group discusses if pushing forwards is better than fully exploring to prevent something from sneaking up on them. They decide that it’s OK to let Innr scout the side room for threats, however upon grabbing the ladder he becomes stuck to it, dragged up to the elevated room, and is face to face with a mimic.

Quick combat later, the group checks the side room and discover four small silver idols of Tiamat, Ivan chips away at one and notices that it’s an iron idol that’s been plated with silver. Everyone regroups and push into the largest room, they find the Devil’s Fang being held in the air in a red sphere of magic. A ring of stone below it has both an engraved riddle and a not associated with it. They take a quick break, and Jex goes to investigate the riddle. After looking at pushing forwards, they find the path barricaded from the other side, but manage to get in contact with The Dusk Chasers and hear they’re on their mid combat but should be fine. While waiting, Innr and Gilly check the last door, and find a golden plated large jewelry box. After a dungeon full of Mimic’s they play it safe and give it a good thwack with a staff, and luckily don’t break the three potions inside, as well as the scroll and 16 gold coins inside.

After waiting the Dusk Chasers arrive and introduce themselves, they’ve got a goblet of endless water that Relic is looking to retrieve, and mention that their work here has been to purify the temple as well, local Shrine keepers in Rheinland tasked them with purifying the temple. The group finally gives an answer to the riddle and the blade drops to the ground. Innr asks if he can hold the blade, Relic allows it and the blade catches fire. The temple itself starts to collapse and the party barely squeaks out unharmed. But exhausted and out of breath, they make their way to the surface and set up camp for the night.

The group address the elephant in the room, the Devil’s fang abilities should only be activated by an evil person. Innr is questioned about what happened with the blade, Innr shows his old injuries, and Bahresh confirms they are necrotic wounds dealt by a demon that will not heal. Jex, realizes that the reaction isn’t from the residual injury, in fact the belief that only an evil person can wield the blade is wrong, it’s specific to the wielders bloodline. So questions of Innr’s blood line are raised, everything from Cambrian to Tiefling.

Ivan asked Mute how she met Kase, and could tell she was hesitant about her answer, “It’s been a while, we met under some rather unfortunate circumstances.” She pauses, “There’s a town in Nox… where I found her.”

The two parties then relax and talk. Gilly get’s her arm fixed by Kai. Jex and Ivan continue their buddy cop movie. Bahresh speaks with Petra about Dragonborn and the Cult of the Seven Dragons, Gilly makes a social faux pas by mentioning her parents slaying a white dragon to Petra. Petra reveals that the number of dragons in the world is extremely low, is displeased to know of a dragons death, but doesn’t blame Gilly for her parents ‘mistake’. Relic, finding Kai untrustworthy and having seen the shadowy figure believed to be The Mountain Thief, separates themselves from the group to stand watch at night. The night is odd, as the night progresses, one of the moons, specifically Mayumi’s Eye becomes stuck in one position in the sky, and as the sun starts to rise, the moon moves to block it, creating what seems to be a permanent eclipse.

We’ll have to see how the endless eclipse changes the party’s morning.