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Season 1 and Season 2 were not recorded. :(

Podcast Archive

Season 3 Podcasts

Act 1: Welcome to Orion

Episode One (8/19/2015): Link 
Episode Two (8/26/2015): Link
Episode Three (9/2/2015): Link 
Episode Four (9/9/2015): Link
Episode Five (9/16/2015): Link 

Act 2: Legacy

Episode Six (9/23/2015) "The Fall": Link
Episode Seven (9/30/2015) "Molten Theater": Link
Dusk Chaser One Shot (10/7/2015): Link 
Episode Nine (10/14/2015) "Mobius Lab": Link
Episode Ten (10/21/2015) "Legacy": Link 

Act 3: Blizzards and Bygones

Episode Eleven "Blizzard" (11/4/2015): Link
Episode Twelve "Downtime" (11/11/2015): Link
Episode Thirteen "Our Future" (11/18/2015): Link
Episode Fourteen "Frozen Hunt" (12/2/2015): Link
Episode Fifteen "Snow Angels" (12/9/2015): Link 

Season 3 Finale:

Episode Sixteen "Specter of Truth" (12/16/2015): Link

Season 4 Podcasts

Act 4: The Vault

Episode Seventeen "Turbulence" (1/13/2016): Link 
Episode Eighteen "Noxian Traditions" (1/20/2016) Link 
Episode Nineteen "Legacy of Finnegan" (1/27/2016) Link 
Episode Twenty "The Vault" (2/3/2016) Link 

Act 5: The Demon at Foxcrest

Episode Twenty One "Hot Blooded Hope" (2/10/2016) Link
Episode Twenty Two "Still Life" (2/17/2016) Link
Episode Twenty Three "Circling Shadows" (2/24/2016) Link 
Episode Twenty Four "Crash Landing" (3/2/2016) Link 
Episode Twenty Five "Second Chance" (3/9/2016) Link 
Episode Twenty Six "To Know Peace (Part 1)" (3/16/2016) Link 
Episode Twenty Seven "To Know Peace (Part 2)" (3/23/2016) Link 

Act 6: Crush Depth

Episode Twenty Eight "Rising Tide" (3/30/2016) Link 
Episode Twenty Nine "Salvage" (4/6/2016) Link
Episode Thirty "A Night to Remember" (4/13/2016) Link
Episode Thirty One "Crush Depth" (4/20/2016) Link

Act 7: All Good Things

Episode Thirty Two "Out of Time" (4/27/2016) Link
Episode Thirty Two "A Bright Future" (5/4/2016) Link

Summer Session (Season 4.5) Podcasts

Episode Thirty Four "Curse of Strahd: Character Creation" (5/11/2016) Link
Episode Thirty Five "Curse of Strahd: Death House" (5/18/2016) Link
Episode Thirty Six "Curse of Strahd: Death Dungeon" (5/25/2016) Link
Episode Thirty Seven "Curse of Strahd: Ismark and Ireena" (6/1/2016) Link
Episode Thirty Eight "Curse of Strahd: Tooth and Fang" (6/8/2016) Link
Episode Thirty Nine "Curse of Strahd: Against Time" (6/15/2016) Link
Episode Fourty "Curse of Strahd: Cats, Wolves, and Coffin Makers" (6/22/2016) Link

Season 5 Podcasts (Bright Future)

Act 1: Displacement & Adjustment

Episode Zero "Bright Future: Character Creation" (8/26/2016) Link
Episode One Episode: "Blood in the Water" (9/2/2016) Link
| Theme Music "Kronic – Blood in the Water" Link
Episode Two Episode: "Porcelain" (9/9/2016) Link
| Theme Music "Skott – Porcelain" Link

Bonus Stuff

Wild Talents Part 1 (12/23/2015): Link
Wild Talents Part 2 (12/30/2015): Link
Wild Talents Part 3 (1/6/2016): Link


For those curious, the Podcast is recorded using a Blue Yeti Mic and Audacity. Currently recorded on a Surface Pro 3.

Podcast Archive

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