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Feel free to use this space to record any note, goals, or quests you wish. Add details or thoughts to anything active, I’ll try to keep the majority of these up to date when I have time.

Active Quest Log

Quests currently in progress

Primary Goals

Survival of the Realm

Portals to other Planes have been forced open and are flooding regions with elemental power. This is causing natural and unnatural catastrophes to flood the regions spreading death and destruction. All that’s been gathered on how they were opened is a name, Yavin.

  • Portal to the Elemental Frost Closed. [Done]
  • Rumors of Disease spreading through Western Nox. [Possibly related]
  • Rumors of Far Realm Activity through Western Nox. [Related]
  • Locate other open portals to other elemental planes.
  • Locate Yavin [Done]
  • Determine how to deal with Yavin [In Progress?]
A Land Without Magic

Magic has been fading from the Mortal Plane, likely linked to the growing disconnect and chaos between the planes. To keep magic alive, Sara Gillard has devised a Planar Aperture to allow a safe flow of energy from the elemental planes to the mortal plane, to help stabilize and return the planes to alignment.

  • Planar Aperture to the Elemental Frost has been setup. [Done]
  • Collect resources for Planar Apertures (500 gp per Aperture, Lady Ohm will cover 50% via Fox)
  • Locate other elemental lay lines and setup Planar Aperture to those realms.

Secondary Goals

Revive Brant

Sheriff Connors of Foxcrest got legal permission to hang Brant and Rahsai until dead. Brant was caught and hanged first, Rahsai managed to evade capture just long enough to be rescued by Innr and the party. However Brant didn’t make it, he’d been dead for over an hour by the time the party arrived. At least part of the group is interested in resurrecting Brant. However a recent developement has revealed Brant can’t be brought back, the same issue that holds Bahresh’s parents back seems to be holding Brant according to Lynn von Strauß.

  • Acquire Brant’s Body [Done]
  • Collect funds for Raise Dead (1,000 gp as a service) [Done]
  • Find a Cleric capable of casting Raise Dead.
  • Discover a way to free Brant’s soul for Raise Dead.
  • Raise Brant before Autumn 22th, or recast Gentle Repose on Autumn 12th. [Service paid for]
Codex and Key

The North Eastern Noxian Vault was locked by a specific type of logical puzzle key, who’s rule set was unknown. Guesses and failure resulted in direct damage.

  • Discover the Rule Set for the Black and White Circle Puzzles. [Done]
  • Solve the two puzzles for the North Eastern Noxian Far Realms Vault. [Done]
  • Profit?
Where in the Endless Planes is Lady Lucas

Sara has spoken very little of her friend Lucas, aside from her claims that Lucas is being held by Yavin. Details on Lucas, refereed to as she, a Catfolk Rahshaki missing her tail. Blue and white fur with black leopard spots.

  • Back Burner, Lucas believed dead or in Yavin’s control.
  • Did Jex see Lucas at the steps of the Manor?

Public/Semi-Public Personal Goals

My Family Tried to Kill Me (Gilly)

Gilly’s had a run of ‘bad luck’ as she’s started her adventures, narrowly avoiding death by the tiniest of margins or the slimmest of luck. It hit a peak when Naicelle refused to follow through on her assassination contract due to overhearing the conversation between Gilly and Rasha when Kathrine channeled the goddess. A lucky break that Naicelle follows Rasha and took the goddess at her word when she told Gilly now was not her time to die. Some time later, Gilly discovers that her family may have put the contact on her, and with Naicelle’s help she discovered a room in an old mass grave from the Undead Crusade on Kana. There it was discovered that a room had been prepared for her Resurrection, and before she could hear her parents explanation, the spell that brought her there ended. Gilly’s family later confessed to the plot in a letter delivered by Gwathra, explaining that they wanted her to be able to live a full life and that they couldn’t bear to see her killed directly. They apologized, called off the hit, and suggested looking for a way to regenerate Gilly’s internal organs while still maintaining her Automail limbs.

  • Protect Naicelle from the Agents of Fate [Failed, but she was able to be brought back]
  • Reply to Estellon and Dolenleth’s letter [Written, unable to deliver]
  • Investigate organ restoration possibilities
Forma arcanum [Latin: Mysterious/Arcane Form] (Gilly)

Gilly wasn’t always half metal, and coming to terms with the amount of Automail she has, hasn’t been a short or easy experience. Opportunities have arisen that could restore Gilly to her former fully flesh and blood self. What cost must be paid or was paid for these services is unknown.

  • Half Flesh Half Chrome
  • Artifact Heart replaced with flesh and blood heart
  • Gilly’s body has started slowly rejecting Automail
  • Her body may be trying to regenerate missing parts
  • Gilly offered her fate to the Shadow if it would help Sara accept her true self [No response yet]
Jex I am your Great Grand Uncle (Jex)

Humans in this realm rarely get to Grand status when referring to time they’ve been alive without a little help from elven blood. The fact Jex has a supposed Great Grand Uncle is about as weird as what that Uncle is capable of. After a short death thanks to Jex’s quick hands, and a quicker revival from Bahresh paid for by Jex, the Uncle simply opened his eyes and vanished, but not before the group managed to sneak one of his Psi-blades off his arm.

Catty Curse (Jex & Elisa)

Elisa Fortune suffered greatly at the hands of the Wizard Gerald, losing her parents and brother, her identity, and her normal physical form. She’s informed Jex of the need to steal items (They can not be given willingly or taken from a friend) of value every few days to keep another curse from transforming her into something else, she doesn’t really want to talk about it.

  • Remove Identity Curse [Done]
  • Remove Cat Ears/Tail [Done]
  • Remove Transformation/Theft Curse.
  • Locate the Wizard Gerald [Fox paid for info, Elisa leading expedition]
  • Avenge the Fortune Family?
  • Resurrect the Fortune Family?
Legacy of Anger (Ivan)

The Death of Ivan’s father sparked a lot of actions into motion, including two oaths of vengeance against Makaria, only one has been dropped, another still burns strong.

  • Locate Lendir
  • Determine what to do with Lendir
Legacy of Madness (Ivan)

Ivan’s father spent quite some time studying the Far Realms, and compiled a small journal of information and locations around the known world where artifacts from the Far Realm are hidden away. These artifacts may be extremely dangerous when unearthed from their Vaults, but they may also prove invaluable.

  • Northern Eastern Noxian Vault [Done]
  • Northern Noxian Vault. [Location Known]
  • Southern Noxian Vault. [Location Known]
  • South Western Noxian Vault. [Location Known]
  • Greymouth Bay Under Water Vault. [Location Known]
  • Eastern Kana Vault. [Location Known]
  • Landing, Kana Vault. [Location Known]
  • Central Wild Lands Vault. [Location Known]
A Debt Left Unpaid (Innr)

Innr has kept rather quiet about his plans, but he’s recently made it clear. He’s come back to kill his father and rescue his sister.

  • Locate Ingrid
  • Locate Kahn [Done]
  • Kill Kahn [Done, Thank Naicelle]
The Devil that you Know (Innr)

Innr took Lilith in, and in return she has guided him to find places of power to enhance his capabilities. Who knows where this will lead.

  • Limited Devilish Power
  • Weird family conspiracies?
How to be a Dragonborn (Bahresh)

Bahresh’s parents were well known Adventurers in the Thirteen Kingdoms, and he’s done his best to not only learn about them but Dragonborn kind as a whole.

  • Endless Waltz [In Progress]
  • Visit the Thirteen Kingdoms
  • Uncover why Parents were unable to be Resurrected [Done]
An Old God for a New Era (Bahresh & Ivan)

Bahresh and Ivan started out trying to figure out and take care of a dragon egg, as time went on responsibility fell or was taken by Bahresh. When the egg hatched and a youthful Bahamut emerged, responsiblity from the whelp was passed to Petra, who plans to take Bahamut to the Thirteen Kingdoms to secure passage to Chakai where she believe the Great Gold Dragon of the region will protect the whelp as it grows.

  • Ensure Bahamut’s protection [Petra tasked]
  • Spread the news of the gods rebirth [In Progress]

Completed Quest Log

(Ironically Incomplete)

Destroy the Curse of Foxcrest

Kase and six residents of Foxcrest were cursed into the form of foxes by the clashing of two magical items. It’s been over thirteen years since the curse started and it shows no sign of weakening or stopping. It’s sympathetic magic fueled by the mistrust and hatred of Kin held by the six cursed, leave a few means of dissolving the curse.

  • Destroy the two Artifacts [Both collected, Blade destroyed]
  • Kill or save the six cursed townsfolk [Sydney Survived]
  • Defeat hate and racism [One day, hopefully…]
    Kase has returned to her normal Kinsmir form, one artifact was destroyed, one of the Council of Foxes is alive the rest are assumed to have been killed by the Exilarchy of Fur.
Hunting, the Noble Sport

Party assisted Falcon in a bit of hunting for sport.

A Goblet, a Blade, and a Dragons Egg

Party pillaged an old underground temple and came out with a goblet of endless water for “Slick” James, the Sword known as ‘Bloodline’ for Innr, and a Petrified Platinum Dragon Egg.

Strange Waters

Kara wants to salvage parts from a wrecked airship off the coast of Blackmarsh. But local rumor claims that the wreck is either cursed or haunted, as those who go out to it rarely come back.

  • Purchase diving equipment [Done]
  • Investigate the rumors [Done]
  • Salvage [Done]
  • Modify the Mobius or sell the salvage [ Engine upgrades installed, remaining salvage sold]
    The strange occurrences turned out to be the work of an aboleth. The party was able to kill the creature, but not without taking some serious damage.
Mother Daughter Dance (Soto)

Yunshi’s mother wishes to meet not only Soto but his traveling companions. She provided two dates, the last day of the Harvest Festival (20th of Autumn) she’s holding a ball at her mansion in Greymouth, and she’s holding another ball on Orion Day (28th of Autumn) in her mansion, celebrating the creation of Orion.

  • Pick a date and reply to Duchess of the Orion Coast, Manami Min. [Done]
  • Attempt to make the promised date of 28th of Autumn [Done]
Up from Nothing (Ivan & Rahsai)

Rahsai was saved from the noose, but none of her equipment was recovered before the town of Foxcrest met it’s unfortunate fate. Ivan bought Rahsai armor and weaponry, Rahsai wants to pay Ivan back, and will work towards paying him back.

  • Rahsai owes Ivan 175 gold [Done]

Active Quest Log

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