Automail Combat Rules

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Automail Taking Damage

Some characters will have Automail prosthesis, these will take damage and strain in combat, even if a blow isn’t delivered directly against the Automail, extreme levels of exertion can push the Automail past it’s safety limits and may cause internal damage to the Automail. Consult with the Automail Damage Table to determine how much damage and what effect the Automail suffers. Automail can be specifically targeted, this add disadvantage to the attack, a successful hit doesn’t deal weapon damage but causes a roll on the Automail Damage Table.

Automail may be mostly metal, but it doesn’t provide any damage reduction or damage Immunity, the internal workings of Automail are delicate and don’t respond well to extreme heat, cold, shock, or other damage. Automail plating is also relatively thin and thus doesn’t make a good shield unless re-enforced.

When an Automail augmented character is hit with an attack that deals their constitution score worth of damage or more, that character rolls a d8 against the Automail Strike Table. If the roll targets a location that the character has Automail then the Automail at that location takes damage as well as the character, roll on the Automail Damage Table. On a critical hit, you will roll twice on the table.

Automail Strike Table (1d8)

Automail users with the ExSpecies Feat rolls a 1d12, where 11 and 12 count as a normal hit, not an automail hit.

  1. Left Leg
  2. Right Leg
  3. Lower Left Torso (Stomach)
  4. Lower Right Torso (Stomach)
  5. Upper Left Torso (Ribs)
  6. Upper Right Torso (Ribs)
  7. Left Arm
  8. Right Arm
  9. Left Eye
  10. Right Eye
  11. Glancing
  12. Glancing

Torso is added to provide miss chance for Automail. With full Automail Arms and Legs every highly damaging hit has a 50% chance of striking Automail, showing Automail weakness compared to flesh and blood.
Odds are always left, Evens are always right, higher value, higher up on the body.

Automail Damage Table


1 (16.7%)
Automail takes two levels of damage.
2-3 (33.3%)
Gain a Lemon Trait. (Roll on table)
4-6 (50%)
Automail takes one level of damage.

Damage and Injuries with Automail

Automail requires periodic maintenance from standard usage, however adventurers tend to get their Automail beat up and damaged on a regular basis. Automail has 4 levels of damage before being destroyed. When does Automail take a hit

Level 1:

Automail has suffered damage, cosmetically has dents or broken armor but suffers no functional change. Damaged Automail is automatically recognized as Automail.
Repair: Intelligence DC 10, 2 hours, 1/100th of Automail cost; or Mending as a ritual (10 minutes)
User Description: You feel the Automail equivalent of pain, a constant tingling sensation from the limb, it seems that part of the outer casing has been ruptured and damaged.

Level 2:

Automail Attribute checks have disadvantage.
Repair: Intelligence DC 13, 1 day (~8 hours of work), 1/50th of Automail cost.
User Description: You can feel the Automail becoming sluggish, your fine control over the limb is slipping but it still seems to be functioning on all cylinders.

Level 3:

Automail Attack actions have disadvantage.
Repair: Intelligence DC 15 a day, 2 day (~16 hours of work), 1/10th of Automail cost.
User Description: The limb is losing it’s ability to operate, strength and fine motor control is failing and that tingle has upgraded to a sun burnt sensation.

Level 4:

Automail is functionally inoperable.
Repair: Intelligence DC 16 a day, 6 days (~48 hours of work), 1/4th of Automail cost.
User Description: You’ve lost feeling in the limb, it slumps worthlessly to its inert position.

Level 5:

Automail is destroyed.
Salvage: Intelligence DC 10, 4 hours, gain 1/100th the Automail cost.
User Description: The Limb is torn to pieces, and a final shock of pain runs through your body like someone striking your funny bone with a hammer.

Repairing Automail

Automail repair checks are made an hour at a time, usually done during hour long rests or during down time. Repairing automail is considered a strenuous activity, so it does count against a long rest. Automail can be repaired with mending only at first level of damage, as its only cosmetic and casing damage. This casting of Mending is treated as a ritual, taking 10 minutes, due to the caster needing to focus the casting around the various magical parts of the automail.

Automail Spare Parts

Cost: 50 gp
Effect: Gain Advantage on Automail repairs, cut repair time down to a quarter (Each successful hour of work counts for four hours), and the hour of repair is not considered strenuous as it’s mostly part replacement instead of trying to hammer or bend parts back in place. Spare Parts are used up even if the check is a failure.

Automail Combat Rules

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