BF Daily Life

Daily Life Expenses

Salary (Chakai, Monthly)

Squalid: $7,500 [30W] ($250 a day, $1750 [7W] a week)
Poor: $12,000 [48W] ($400 a day, $2800 [11W] a week)
Modest: $22,500 [90W] ($750 a day, $5250 [21W] a week)
Comfortable: $60,000 [240W] ($2,000 a day, $14,000 [56W] a week)
Wealthy: $240,000 [960W] ($8,000 a day, $56,000 [224W] a week)
Aristocratic: $900,000 [3600W] ($30,000 a day, $210,000 [840W] a week)

Spending Money (Chakai, Monthly)

Amount of cash one has after basic daily food and travel.

Squalid: $300 ($10 a day)
Poor: $1,500 ($50 a day)
Modest: $6,000 ($200 a day)
Comfortable: $24,000 ($800 a day)
Wealthy: $78,000 ($2,600 a day)
Aristocratic: $270,000 ($9,000 a day)

Wealth and Upkeep

Instead of managing the exact amount of money you have, worrying about paying rent and keeping weapons armed and ready, armor in proper condition or Magi-tech properly charged. Wealth and Upkeep keep those things abstracted, instead of buying magazines and ammunition for weapons, you purchase and upkeep the weapon, this guarantees the weapon is in working order and you’ve always got enough ammo to keep shooting.



Fast Food: $12 [1W a week]
Decent Meal: $46 [3W a week]
Quality Meal: $120 [1W a meal, 10W a week]
Luxurious Meal: $400 [2W a meal, 32W a week]

Water (Mug): $2
Beer (Mug): $12
Beer (Pitcher): $60
Sake (Pitcher): $80
Fine Sake (Bottle): $800

Night of drinking for a person
Light drinking: 1W (Con DC 11, Drunk)
Moderate drinking: 2W (Con DC 14, Drunk)
Heavy drinking: 4W (Con DC 17, Drunk)
Blackout drinking: 6W (Con DC 20, Drunk)
‘Cultured’ Drinking, multiply wealth by 6.
Buying for a table
Beer (Table): 1W
Sake (Table): 2W
Fine Sake (Table): 6W


Sub-Rail: $60 a day, or $12 a ride, 2W a week.
Taxi: $100-600 (1W-3W) a ride, depending on distance.
Airship Travel to a different Prefect: $1,250 (5W) a ride.
Diesel Fuel (Gallon): $90
Liquid Residuum (Gallon): $766

Personal Transportation Purchases

Bicycle: $1,200 [5W] ($100 [1W] Upkeep)
Motorcycle (Diesel): $87,500 [350W] ($1,000 [4W] Upkeep) [mpg: 32, Accel: 30 mph a turn, Top: 90 mph, Crew: 1, Pass: 1, Gear: 0 lb.]
Automobile Economy Car (Diesel): $110,000 [440W] ($1,200 [5W] Upkeep) [mpg: 24, Accel: 20 mph a turn, Top: 70 mph, Crew: 1, Pass: 4, Gear: 200 lb.]
Automobile Truck (Diesel): $135,000 [540W] ($1,400 [6W] Upkeep) [mpg: 20, Accel: 15 mph a turn, Top: 60 mph, Crew: 1, Pass: 2, Gear: 1,000 lb.]
Automobile Semi-Truck (Diesel): $190,000 [760W] ($1,800 [7W] Upkeep) [mpg: 16, Accel: 5 mph a turn, Top: 50 mph, Crew: 1, Pass: 1, Gear: 20,000 lb.]
Automobile Luxury (Diesel): $330,000 [1320W] ($3,500 [14W] Upkeep) [mpg: 22, Accel: 40 mph a turn, Top: 90 mph, Crew: 1, Pass: 1, Gear: 100 lb.]

Motorcycle (Residuum): $205,000 [820W] ($8,000 [32W] Upkeep)
Automobile Luxury (Residuum): $875,000 [3500W] ($22,000 [88W] Upkeep)

Lodging (In Chakai)

Coffin Hotel: $12 an Hour ($96 a night, 8 hours). 3W for a week of use.
Low Quality Hotel: $300 a Night. 8W for a week of use.
Medium Quality Hotel: $500 a Night. 2W a night, 15W for a week of use.
High Quality Hotel: $1,750 a Night. 7W a night, 49W for a week of use.
Hotel Suite: $6,000 a Night. 24W a night, 168W for a week of use.
Single Room Apartment: $6,000 a Month. ($200 a day, 5W a week)
Two Room Apartment: $9,000 a Month. ($300 a day, 9W a week)
Three Room/Quality One Room Apartment: $13,500 a Month. ($450 a day, 13W a week)
Four Room/Quality Two Room Apartment: $24,000 a Month. ($800 a day, 23W a week)
Five Room/Quality Three Room Apartment: $52,500 ($1,750 a day, 49W a week)
Quality Four Room Apartment: $127,500 ($4,250 a day, 119W a week)
Quality Five Room Apartment: $240,000 ($8,000 a day, 224W a week)
Penthouse: $570,000 a Month. ($19,000 a day, 532W a week)

BF Daily Life

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