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Slips: A Textile bill currency, coloration and imagery denotes value, comes in $2, $10, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000.
Bonds: Exact amounts set by a bank that can be used as currency for high valued purchases.
Scriber-Pay: A Scriber can be linked to a bank account, allowing for magical requests of fund transfers to happen quickly and securely. Only the Wealthy or Aristocratic can afford this service, and most smaller shops don’t support Scriber-Pay.

Wealth (Money Simplified)

Wealth is a simplified version of money management, instead of managing exact cash value, you can work with bundles of currency simplified down into units called Wealth (Abbreviated as W). A unit of Wealth is approximately $250, the approximation allows for the system to be a bit looser, items valued $200 – $350 may cost a single Wealth, doing so allows you to fold in basic daily needs into purchases and upkeep costs.

Wealth let you pay for maintenance and upkeep weekly, A single Wealth will feed a person for a week, the food quality is low the medium. If an item doesn’t have a Monthly cost denoted in Wealth, then it doesn’t cost any Wealth to upkeep that item, it’s cost is rolled into other weekly wealth usage.

Advantages to Wealth: Abstracts money, simplifies usage, removes maintenance costs for some items & equipment, simplifies
Disadvantages to Wealth: Exact money values is lost, unable to make every penny count.

Squalid: Starts at 7 Wealth, up to 11 Wealth.
Poor: Starts at 12 Wealth, up to 20 Wealth.
Modest: Starts at 21 Wealth, up to 55 Wealth.
Comfortable: Starts at 56 Wealth, up to 223 Wealth.
Wealthy: Starts at 224 Wealth, up to 839 Wealth.
Aristocratic: Starts at 840 Wealth.

Upkeep (Item & Equipment Maintenance, Rent, Etc…)

Upkeep must be paid every week to maintain certain items and equipment. Weapons, Armor, Vehicles, and most Magi-Tech items require maintenance to keep them working properly. Failure to pay upkeep on an item results in item penalties, vehicles may not have fuel or are likely to break down, weapons are more likely to jam or break, armor is less effective at protecting those who wear it. Upkeep is paid every Sunday in game, but can be paid afterwards to bring an item back up to normal status, however the next upkeep is paid on Sunday, not a week after you pay, this represents the extra cost to repair damage suffered from failing to maintain the equipment.

Vehicle: Failing to pay Upkeep means missing maintenance, repair, and refueling.
Option: Low Fuel: When the vehicle travels a jaunt, make a roll a d20, if the result is 8 or lower, the vehicle runs out of fuel, remove all charges from the vehicle.
Option: Poor Maintenance: When the vehicle travels a jaunt, roll a d20, if the result is 5 or lower, the vehicle breaks down, it must be repaired before the vehicle can be used again.

Weapon: Failing to keep a weapon properly maintained, repaired, or charged.
Option (Ranged): Poor Maintenance: Weapon Breaks on a natural roll of a 1 or 2.
Option (Ammunition): Few Reloads: Whenever you reload the weapon, roll a 1d4, on a 1 you’re out of ammo for the weapon.
Option (Melee): Poor Maintenance: Weapon breaks on a natural roll of a 1.
Option: Optimized: Reduce damage by 1 for each die rolled.

Armor:Failing to keep armor properly maintained, repaired, or charged.
Option: Damaged: Reduce AC by 1.
Option: Reduced Flexibility: Reduce Speed by 10 when worn.
Option: Ineffective: Effects are ignored. (Damage reduction and immunity)

Items: Failing to keep items properly maintained, repaired, or charged.
Option (Charged/Uses): Low Supply: Every time the item is used, roll a 1d4, on a 1 it has no charge or uses left.
Option (Single Use): Unreliable: Every time the item is used, roll a die, if the result is odd the item doesn’t work as intended.

Rent is paid on locations, it can be taxes paid, maintenance costs, or actual rent on a property. Failing to pay Rent results in a Social Hitch (Behind on Rent) for as long as you haven’t paid for a week of rent, failing to pay while you have the Social Hitch (Behind on Rent) will likely result in the loss of the property.

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Income and Expectations

Salary (Chakai, Monthly)

Squalid: $7,500 [30W] ($250 a day, $1750 [7W] a week)
Poor: $12,000 [48W] ($400 a day, $2800 [11W] a week)
Modest: $22,500 [90W] ($750 a day, $5250 [21W] a week)
Comfortable: $60,000 [240W] ($2,000 a day, $14,000 [56W] a week)
Wealthy: $240,000 [960W] ($8,000 a day, $56,000 [224W] a week)
Aristocratic: $900,000 [3600W] ($30,000 a day, $210,000 [840W] a week)

Spending Money (Chakai, Monthly)

Amount of cash one has after basic daily food and travel.

Squalid: $300 ($10 a day)
Poor: $1,500 ($50 a day)
Modest: $6,000 ($200 a day)
Comfortable: $24,000 ($800 a day)
Wealthy: $78,000 ($2,600 a day)
Aristocratic: $270,000 ($9,000 a day)

BF Equipment

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