BF HB Feats

Bright Future Feats

General Feats


Increase your Occupations salary by one wealth level, instantly gain a month’s salary. This can be taken multiple times, however you only ever increase your salary once. This Salary boost transfers between Occupations, when taking a new occupation, increase the Salary by one level.


Prerequisites: Int 15:
Gain expertise in two skills, vehicle, or tool proficiencies of your choice, double the proficiency bonus. You may take this feat multiple times, each time select two new skills, vehicle, or tool proficiencies.

Mental Fortitude

Prerequisites: Wis 13 or Cha 13
You’re exceptionally good at handling instability.
* Gain 3 Stability Points to Detachment, Trauma, and Unnatural.
* Select either Detachment or Trauma Stability checks, and gain advantage on those checks.


Prerequisites: X

Combat Feats

Cover Expert

You improve your situational awareness with cover, enhancing your ability to stay behind cover even while attacking or performing complex actions.
* Half cover now grants a + 4 to AC and Dexterity Saves.
* Three Quarters cover now grants a + 10 to AC and Dexterity Saves.
* Any ability that ignores your cover bonus, now only ignores the benefits of Cover Expert.

Lightning Strike

Prerequisites: Extra Attack
You now gain your Extra Attack class feature when using reactions. You may declare two different targets, but they must be specific. If not declared then both attacks must target the same creature.


Prerequisites: X

Social Feats


Reduce Renown by 5. Disadvantage on Investigation checks to discover any information about you.

Low Tier Contact

Gain a low tier contact to assist outside of combat. Contacts can range from informants, to taxi drivers, reporters to police officers, but can be anyone who can provide aid and information to help.
The Contact will never enter the field and requires things to be brought to them, they understand that the character’s work is dangerous and are willing to bend the rules for them. However a contact can be called upon to perform a skill check for the character, some may demand compensation if the request is illegal, short notice, or expensive to perform. Contacts are willing to perform their service once, after which they expect to be compensated at a greater price if called upon again with in a week. After a week has passed they’re happy to provide their service again at the normal price.
Low Tier: 3 + Characters Proficiency bonus to the roll with Advantage.

Supply Contact

Prerequisite: A Contact (Feat or Class Feature)
Gain a new contact who only provides supplies and equipment. Select either a Discounter or a Black Market Contact.
Discounter: Purchase items at a 10% discount, items take an extra day.
Black Market: Purchase Restricted, Military, and Illegal items. Restricted items take two extra days, and Military Items take five extra days, illegal items take fourteen extra days and only one illegal item can be purchased every month.


Prerequisites: X

Bright Future Flaws/Disadvantages

A single flaw may be selected at character creation and grants the character the Ability Score Improvement feature, granting a +2 to an Ability Score, +1 to two Ability Scores, or a Feat.
Flaws need to effect every character and not have a simple or free way to bypass the negatives. They should have both a mechanical and role-playing effect. A wish spell can remove these but the wish has a tendency to back fire or misinterpret the desire.
You may choose to pick a single flaw, no more.


Details: You’re physically weaker than most, and it’s become an obvious weakness.
Effect: Select a physical Ability score (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution), decrease that score by 2, you gain permanent disadvantage on the Ability Save, and can not gain proficiency in that Ability Save.
Role-Playing: Create a story as to how you gained this status or if you were born with it, create a story where you’re delicate status caused you great misfortune.


Every night roll a D20 to determine the quality of rest your character receives, during a long rest. Races that do not need to sleep or meditate can not take this flaw.
Details: Your character suffers from some sort of insomnia, be it chemical imbalance, recurring constant nightmares, or perhaps something else. You simply can’t get a good nights rest most nights of your life.
Effect: Every Long Rest roll a d20.
1 (5%): Gain Level 2 Exhaustion from lack of meaningful rest, gain no benefits from the long rest.
2-10 (45%): Gain Level 1 Exhaustion from lack of meaningful rest, gain no benefits from the long rest.
11-16 (30%): Recover no levels of Exhaustion, but gain other benefits from the long rest.
17-20 (20%): Recover 1 level of Exhaustion as normal.
Effect: Every Short Rest roll a d20.
1-8 (40%): Gain no benefits from the short rest.
9-20 (60%): Gain benefits as normal from short rest.
Role-playing: Create a story where you’re lack of sleep caused a major problem.

Addictive Personality

It’s not just an addiction, it’s a physical need to have an addiction. The reason could be purely chemical, perhaps a need to suppress a painful memory, or simply unknown.
Character Creation: Select a drug that is addictive and has an overdose effect to be addicted to.
Effect: If you currently do not have an addiction to a drug that has an overdose effect, every time you wake up from a long rest, you suffer from Level 1 Exhaustion.
Effect: You do not gain Proficiency bonus for Addiction Wisdom Saves.
Role-playing: Create a story where you’re need to maintain your addiction cost you dearly.

Traumatized by Violence

Adventurers see a lot of violence, it becomes part of life, normalized for most, but you have a serious issue dealing with violence.
Effect: Whenever a creature who is not your enemy is reduced to 0 hit points, dies, or suffers a critical hit, make a Wisdom Save DC 15 against level 1 Stability (Trauma) Failure results in gaining 1 point of Trauma, and gain the Frightened status against any enemy you see for the next 1d6 * 10 minutes.
Role-playing: Create a story that explains why you are traumatized by violent acts.

Bad Luck

You never seem to catch a break.
Effect: Three times per long rest the DM can treat a die roll you make as a natural 1, critical failure.
Role-playing: Create a story of extended back luck, which made you aware of your “condition.”


A previous experience has cause you to lose confidence in yourself and your abilities.
Effect: Select three skills, vehicle, or tool proficiencies that you’re proficient in, you are no longer proficient in those skills, vehicle, or tool proficiencies. You must select at least two skills to lose proficiency in.
Role-playing: Create a story as to why you lost faith in your abilities.

Cursed Soul: Lycanthropy

Some aspect of your spirit latched onto the curse of Lycanthropy, and now not even the Remove Curse spell can remove it. On top of that, you’re also registered, any research check of DC 8 or higher will reveal the fact you’re a Lycanthrope and provide the type.
Effect: Select a type of Lycanthropy. Lycanthropy Details.
Role-playing: Create a story of when you changed in a public area and caused a scene.


A disability that prevents sight.
Details: In the adventurers life, being unable to see can be a major disadvantage, some refuse to give up and continue to fight on.
Effect: Gain Blind as a permanent status effect, this can not be removed by magical healing. Gain Blind-Sight 10 feet. Gaining Dark vision or true sight provides you with no bonus, however a magical effect or class feature that grant you blind-sight or tremor sense allow you perception in that senses range, and lets you ignore your blind status for those with in range.
Role-playing: Tell the story of how you lost your sight, or if you were born blind tell a story where your inability to see cause you or those you knew misfortune.


A disability that prevents hearing.
Details: Outside of being unable to hear, communication with others can become problematic, as the majority of people don’t know a form of sign language.
Effect: Gain Deaf as a permanent status effect, this can not be removed by magical healing. Gain Signing for your races native language.
Role-playing: Tell the story of how you lost your hearing, or if you were born deaf tell a story where your inability to hear cause you or those you knew misfortune.

BF HB Feats

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