BF HB Hacking

Bright Future Hacking


Scanning brings out exploits, and gives the hacker means of entry and exploitation. Determines scan DC, start at 8, and is modified from there to scan without setting off security systems.

Operating System

Type: Server (0), Client (+ 2)
Version: Ancient (- 2), Out Dated (- 1), Current (0), Cutting Edge (+ 1)


Type: File Server (0), Firewall (+ 2)
Version: Ancient (- 2), Out Dated (- 1), Current (0), Cutting Edge (+ 1)


Finding these Vulnerabilities gives you a means to exploit the system, successes on scanning result in means of exploitation.


Read Access®: Gives you the ability to navigate file structure and read the files themselves, but you can not modify them. However you do so via a user on system, and copying data must be done by hand.
Write Access (W): Gives you the ability to navigate file structure and write files to the system, modifying other files if you also have read access. However you do so via a user on system, and writing data must be done by hand.
FTA (F): File Transfer Access, allows you to pull files if you have read access, and place files if you have write access. This speeds up any Read or Write access actions that normally would have to be done by hand.
Execution Access (E): Gives you access to run programs on the system. Lets you run existing files, or files you’ve placed on the system. It is limited to being able to run Simple programs, as they do not need to be installed, Complex programs must be installed to run on the system.
Admin (A): Complete access to the system, changing system settings requires root access, and Root is needed to install programs on the system.


Written programs can be executed on a system, most have business or other use, but some have been created specifically to damage or compromise a system.
Modifiers: Functionality with the (Mod) denotation can be added multiple times, it’s effects stack.
Complexity: Complexity is a value that determines if the program can be transferred and run, or if it needs to be installed first. Any complexity over 10 must be installed before it can run. Complexity also determines the number of hours needed to write the program. Along with that, the program needs certain access based on it’s functionality, this must be granted to the program.
Stealth: The ability for a program to remain hidden is it’s stealth, programs can only be detected by the system while they’re running, or if an agent (person or otherwise) is actively scanning for it. Stealth is calculated by what the program is capable of doing, heavy hitters are much easier to detect. Stealth DC starts at 10.
Integrity: How difficult it is to quarantine or remove a program from the system. Redundant and adaptive programs are capable of running even when parts of it are missing. Integrity DC starts at 10.
Trace: Declares how easily it is to follow the program back to it’s creator. Any program that pulls data and sends it somewhere else tends to be easily traced, while programs designed to damage or destroy files or a system are hard to trace back because the program has very few ties back to it’s creator. Trace DC starts at 15.

Functionality Complexity Effect
Factory Reset 6 (Admin) (Stealth – 4) Clears all data and resets settings to factory default.
Remote Trigger 2 (FTA) (Stealth – 2, Trace – 4) Allows to program to be started remotely or based on a condition
Execute 2 (Execute) The program runs a set of hack actions, uses services, or executes a set of other programs in a specific order.
Trickle 4 (FTA) (Stealth – 2, Trace – 4) Slowly copies over every file from the system to another.
Back Door 3 (Execute) (Trace – 2) Sets up a user for others to use to gain Read, Write, Execute, and FTA on the system.
Root Access 2 (Write) (Stealth – 6) To program grants itself or others Admin Permission.
Self Erasure 2 (Write) (Integrity – 2) The program destroys itself, making failing to Quarantine the program results in it deleting itself, it also adds disadvantage to checks to Quarantine the program.
Efficient (Mod) 5 (Stealth – 2) Program works faster, compresses data before it sends it over networks, making every part of the process run faster. Weeks to days, days to hours, hours to minutes, minutes to seconds.
Careful (Mod) 2 (Stealth + 2) The program uses more nuanced techniques to perform it’s actions, making it harder to detect.
Virulent (Mod) 2 (Integrity + 3, Stealth – 1) The program is self replicating, however the process makes it easier to detect.
Bounce (Mod) 2 (Trace + 2) The program bounces it’s signals through multiple systems before it reaches it’s destination, making it harder to trace back to the creator.

BF HB Hacking

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