BF Healing

Bright Future Healing

Dangerous, but not Grim

Bright Future can be run with anything from the 5e normal healing rules, to the slower and more grim variants found in the DMG. However a custom variant has been created to fit a middle of the road approach, allowing combat to feel deadly and dangerous, without every class feeling like a glass figure. The idea is to allow heroes to feel like they can survive a few bouts of combat, but extended battle wears on them much quickly. Bright Future is designed to be played with more down time between events, and a week long excursion is a massive and frightening undertaking, and force the question of taking risks on time sensitive events that they might not be at full strength for.

The feat Durable will likely get more consideration for those who want to remain on the front lines, also pushing the advantages of the Healer feat, giving healing classes more interaction with the party during down time, and making healing options more tempting.

Bright Future Variant

Short Rest

A short rest takes an hour and allows the restoration of 1 Hit Dice worth of health.

Long Rest

A long rest takes 8 hours, and allows for the restoration of the characters level worth of Hit Dice worth of health during the rest. Characters regain 1 Hit Die at the end of a long rest.

Healers Feat

As an action, you can spend one use of a Medical or First Aid kit to tend to a creature and restore 1d6 + 4 hit points to it, plus additional hit points equal to the creature’s maximum number of Hit Dice. The creature can’t regain hit points from this feat again until it finishes a long rest.

Surgery Checks

A creature proficient with a Surgery Kit can make Wisdom (Medical) check DC 16 and spend half an hour to restore a character’s level worth of d6 of health. Surgery can only be used on a character once per long rest. Failure results in no health being restored and the character being unable to regain health from Surgery until their next long rest. So a 4th level character receives 4d6 health back.

Long Term Care

A creature proficient with Medicine can spend a down time day to help another character regain an extra hit die if the other character spends their entire down time day resting. This usually involves bed rest, but can also include medication and therapy. This service can also be purchased from a local nurse, doctor or hospital.

Long Term Injuries

When you roll a natural 20 on an attack, you now also roll a long term injury. For example a Called Shot (Head) results in a critical hit, but unless you roll a natural 20 on that attack don’t roll for a long term injury.

1d10 Effect Recover Time
1 Internal Bleeding: Unable to recover or spend Hit Dice. Surgery DC 20
2 Spinal Injury: Paralyzed. Surgery DC 20
3 Skull Fracture: Disadvantage on Intelligence and Wisdom Attribute Checks and Saves. 4 + 2d4 Weeks
4 Cracked Rib: Disadvantage on Strength and Constitution Checks and Saves. Unable to recover Exhaustion. 4 + 2d4 Weeks
5 Broken Arm (Dominant): Disadvantage with all actions involving the Arm, Unable to wield equipment with it 3 + 1d4 Weeks
6 Broken Leg: Half Speed, can not take the Dash action. 3 + 1d4 Weeks
7 Concussion: Disadvantage on all Attributes and Saves except Constitution. 1d6 Days
8 Dislocated Shoulder (Dominant): Disadvantage with all actions involving that arm. Medicine DC 14
9 Dislocated Hip: Half Speed. Medicine DC 14
10 Winded: Stunned for a round and lose a Hit Die. None

BF Healing

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