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Mecha and Class Features

Mecha being a piloted device, usually lack the finesse or capability for a character to make use of their equipment based class features with the Mecha. For example a rogue in a Mecha does not get sneak attack with the Mecha weaponry, however effects that still pertain the the character are still usable, a fighter who is piloting a Mecha can use second wind and the pilot will recover health. Smaller Mecha can have more natural control method with them allowing a pilot to use other equipment based class abilities with the Mecha. Ensure to check if your control method allows you to use equipment class features before making any final decisions or purchases.
Equipment based class abilities are any class ability that require a piece of equipment to use or are channeled through a piece of equipment. The Paladin’s Divine Smite, Rogues Sneak Attack, and the collection of classes with Fighting Styles are all examples.

Cost and Vehicle Points

Mecha are usually extremely expensive, as are a lot of vehicles. However due to their limited use and specific classes that operate them, there are two means of acquiring Mecha and other vehicle parts and upgrades. The Vehicle Expert class has access to Vehicle Points (VP). VP don’t directly translate into monetary value, each item has a VP value associated with it if it can be purchased as part of the class feature.

Current System Power

Most Mecha Systems and Sub-Systems require power. Current System Power (CSP), is simply the Power generated minus the power used. Having a CSP at or above 0 allows the systems to run as normal. The Mecha can suffer power loss from certain attacks, or if power generation systems run out of fuel or are otherwise disabled.

Status: Low-Power

If there’s not enough power for a system, CSP from – 9 to – 1, all the Mecha Systems suffer Low-Power as the Mecha tries to provide power to systems as they’re needed. As a result of Low-Power, the Mecha has half it’s speed, as well as all attacks, saves, and attribute checks suffer disadvantage until CSP reaches 0 or higher.

Status: Overdraw

If there’s a significant lack of power for systems, CSP at – 10 or lower, all the Mecha Systems stop functioning, speed becomes 0, and the Mecha can take no actions.

Mecha Chassis

Medium Mecha

Extremely limited in size, these Mecha stand no more than 8 feet tall, and are little more than enhanced exoskeletons around the pilot. They’re extremely light compared to other Mecha and tend to focus on mobility and agility over power, strength, or subsystem functionality. Most Medium Mecha are Magi-Tech powered to make use of light weight and small power generation systems, but as a result, are easily disabled in Anti-magic fields.

Helios Frame

Class: Brawler Class (Strike and Health)
Cost: $72,000 (30 vp)
Sub Systems: 10 (-6 for Exo-suit)
Power Requirements: 5
Hit Dice: 9d8 (48)
Strength: Pilot’s Strength or 16
Dexterity: Pilot’s Dexterity (Max + 2)
Speed: Pilot’s Speed.
The Helios Frame comes with an Exo-Suit Pilot System and doesn’t need a Mobility Sub-System as it relies on the pilots normal form of movement. A pilot with reduced or no movement speed can outfit the Helios Frame with a Mobility Sub-System.

Large Mecha

Large Mecha tend to stand

Mantis Frame

Class: Tower Class (Sub Systems and Health)
Cost: $96,000 (40 vp)
Sub Systems: 18
Power Requirements: 10
Strength: 20 (+ 5)
Dexterity: 16 (+ 3)
Constitution: 18 (+ 4)
Hit Dice: 12d10 (124)
Speed: Mobility Sub-System


Aluminum Weave (Light)

Cost: $11,000 (6 vp)
Hardness: 2
Hit Points: + 1 per Hit Die.
Speed: Base

Titanium Weave (Light)

Cost: $30,500 (18 vp)
Hardness: 3
Hit Points: + 2 per Hit Die.
Speed: Base

Titanium Plating (Medium)

Cost: $45,750 (27 vp)
Hardness: 4
Hit Points: + 4 per Hit Die.
Speed: Base – 5

Steel Weave (Medium)

Cost: $49,000 (25 vp)
Hardness: 5
Hit Points: + 4 per Hit Die.
Speed: Base

Steel Plating (Heavy)

Cost: $73,500 (37 vp)
Hardness: 6
Hit Points: + 6 per Hit Die.
Speed: Base – 5


Pilot Systems

Pilot systems all focus around who or what controls the Mecha.

Open Cockpit

Cost: (10)
Mecha Size: Medium and up.
System Points: 3
Effect: An open but protected cockpit for a Medium or smaller pilot. Targeting the pilot results in the attack having disadvantage.
Closed Cockpit

Cost: (14)
Mecha Size: Large and up.
System Points: 4
Effect: An closed and protected cockpit for a Medium or smaller pilot. The pilot can not be targeted until the Mecha is destroyed, and then can be targeted at disadvantage.


Cost: (20)
Mecha Size: Medium.
System Points: 6
Effects: If the Mecha is without power, Treat it as Heavy Armor with a Strength Requirement of 15, all other status apply. Allows the Pilot to use Class Features with Mecha equipment.
Details: Completely enclosing the Pilot, the Exo-Suit pilot system uses magic to detect the users inputs and move the Mecha around them. As it places the Pilot directly inside the Mecha, it takes up a lot of possible Subsystem space, but allows for natural and instantaneous reactions.

Augmented Pilot Lock-System (APLS)

Cost: (25)
Mecha Size: Medium and Large.
System Points: 1
Effects: Allows Pilot to use Class features with Mecha equipment. Pilot can be targeted at disadvantage.
Details: Modified for the individual user, the APLS requires an Augmentation Port on the user for each limb of the Mecha, one for each arm or leg. Acting as a means to control a Mecha, the Pilot must disconnect their Augmentations and plug themselves into the APLS themselves. The Pilot’s direct connection allows them to use any Class abilities (Evasion and Weapon Specialization for example) with the Mecha, as the Mecha is now treated as their own body. The Augmentation Neural-Load becomes to much for huge Mecha, as a result the system doesn’t work with anything bigger than Large Mecha.

General Systems

General Sub-systems to be included in a Mecha.
SP: System Points, the number of Sub-System points the system takes, generally associated with size.
PU: Power Units this Sub-system takes when installed.

Liquid Residuum Tank (6 Gal)

Cost: (4)
SP: 1
Liquid Residuum Tank (16 Gal)

Cost: (8)
SP: 2
Effect: A roughly Trashcan sized drum for storing Residuum, properly shielded.

Diesel Tank (18 Gal)

Cost: (2)
SP: 1

Diesel Tank (40 Gal)

Cost: (4)
SP: 2
Effect: A roughly Trashcan sized drum for storing Diesel.

Motor Enhancement

Cost: (12)
SP: 1
PU: 3
Effect: Gain a +2 to Strength.

Servo Enhancement

Cost: (12)
SP: 1
PU: 3
Effect: Gain a +2 to Dexterity.

Structural Integrity Enhancement

Cost: (12)
SP: 1
PU: 3
Effect: Gain a +2 to Constitution.

Mobility Systems

Mobility Sub-systems to be included in a Mecha, provides base and or alternate forms of movement.

Plantigrade Legs

Cost: $17,000 (8)
SP: 0
PU: 0
Speed: 30.
Legs with flat feet, provide stability and basic locomotion.

Digitigrade Legs

Cost: $21,000 (10)
SP: 0
PU: 0
Speed: 40.
Modeled after a wolf’s leg.


Cost: $24,000 (12)
SP: 0
PU: 0
Speed: 20.
Effect: Advantage against being knocked prone, and reduce forced movement by 10 feet.

Jump Jets

Cost: $43,000 (20)
SP: 1
PU: 1
Speed: Flying 30.
Effect: Jump Jets can be used once per short rest.

Flight Turbines

Cost: $65,000 (30)
SP: 2
PU: 8
Speed: Flying 30.

Glide Wings

Cost: $28,000 (14)
SP: 1
PU: 1
Effect: Reduce fall distance to a maximum of 30 feet per turn, gain a horizontal flight speed of the total distance you fall each turn.

Agility Enhancement

Cost: (8)
SP: 1
PU: 2
Effect: Gain + 5 speed.

Power Systems

SP: System Points, the number of Sub-System points the system takes, generally associated with size.
Cost (VP): Cost in both Slips and Vehicle Points.
PU: Power Units, number of power units the Power System generates
Fuel Time: Details on fuel usage. Fuel times are usually handled in gph (Gallons per hour)

Name SP Cost (VP) PU Fuel Time Effect
Power Pack System 0 $4,000 (2) 10 1 Hour Uses four power packs per limb, lasts an hour.
Residuum Reactor 1 $58,500 (25) 25 1 gph Burns Liquid Residuum to power the Mecha. Disabled by Anti-Magic fields.
Burner 3 $19,000 (8) 18 4 gph Burns Diesel to power the Mecha.
Buelette 4 $23,800 (12) 25 5 gph Burns Diesel to power the Mecha.

Weapon Systems

Weapons specifically designed for Mecha use. Being proficient in Mecha weapons allows you to wield Mecha Weapons in your size category with proficiency as long as you have the required strength.
Size: Smallest Mecha/Character size category able to use the weapon with proficiency. A Mecha/Character attempting to use a weapon larger than them attacks at disadvantage.
Str: Strength required to effectively wield the weapon, lose proficiency and attribute damage bonus when Mecha/Character Strength is below the given value. Written in Medium/Large/Huge.
Property (Mecha Finesse): Similar to regular finesse, however it requires the wielder is in a mecha of the proper size category or larger to gain the benefits of finesse.
Property (AP): Armor Piercing quality of the weapon, reduces targets hardness by the provided value. AP 5 reduces targets hardness by 5.

Name Damage (M/L/H) Str (M/L/H) PU Cost (VP) Properties
Mecha Light Blade 2d6/3d6/4d6 Piercing 14/20/24 $ (-) Mecha Finesse
Mecha Saber 3d4/4d4/5d4 Slashing 16/22/26 $ (-) Mecha Finesse, AP 5
Mecha Blade 2d8/3d8/4d8 Slashing 18/24/28 $ (-)
Mecha Hammer 2d12/3d12/4d12 Bludgeoning 20/26/30 $ (-)
Mecha Great-Sword 4d6/6d8/8d6 Slashing 20/26/30 $ (-)
Kaiju Hunter Bow 2d8/3d8/4d8 Piercing 14/20/24 3 $ (-) Ammunition (Kaiju Arrow, 200/800), AP 5

Kaiju Hunter Bow: A bow the size of a Mecha, with a power assisted draw, the bow is capable of punching through armor. When not powered the strength requirements for the weapon increase by 4.

BF Mecha

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