BF Pharmaceuticals


Disease Medication

Cost: $8,000 (32W)
Usages: 12 dosages
Effect: Grants a + 4 Bonus to Constitution Saves vs a specific disease for a day.
Description: Prescription medication designed to fight a specific disease.


Cost: $6,000 (24W)
Usages: 4 dosages
Effect: Grants a + 4 Bonus to Saves vs Curse, Disease, or Poison for an hour.
Description: A vial containing a syrupy magically imbued medication that boosts the bodies immune system against bodily ailments.


Cost: $2,000 (8W)
Usages: 4 dosages
Effect: Clears Poisoned status.

Caffeine Pills

Cost: $1000 (4W)
Usages: 24 dosages
Effect: Ignore the effects of a level of Exhaustion for 4 hours.
Overdose: Taking another dose while 2 are still active.
Overdose Effect: Gain 1 level of Exhaustion, at the end of the duration.

Draconic Antacids

Cost: $200 (1W)
Usages: 40 doses
Effect: Outside of regular antacid usage, as an action, 10 doses can be crushed up and used to counter ongoing acid damage.


BF Pharmaceuticals

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