The world was reforged with the birth of the god Cernos and in doing so, completely changed the calendar. The new calendar is referred to as the Seasonal Calendar, and has 4 “months” or seasons that last 30 days each. The months in order are (as expected) Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

A lot of Holidays worship the new Pantheon.

There are two denotations of the year:
CE: Common Era. Common Era starts with the written recording of history.
IA: In Antiquity. Any time before Common Era, before history was written.

World Holidays

New Years Theater (30th of Winter and 1st of Spring)
The New Year is celebrated with the retelling of stories new and old throughout the night, it’s when most new plays are first debuted and grand performances are on stage. This holiday celebrates The Patron and Rasha, Rasha during the night of the 30th of Winter, and Patron during the morning of the 1st of Spring.

Spring Planting (4th of Spring)
The Spring Planting Festival is exactly what the name suggests, planting of the new years crop and a blessing of the land for good harvest in Autumn. During planting the people of a town will stop their own business to go and help plant the crops for next harvest. Spring Planting always focuses on Cernos (Farmers love him), Zotal (Prayers to calm his temper to avoid storms ruining the crop), and The Patron (Being in the domain of Life, a planting is the start of a story)

Harvest Festival (16th-20th of Autumn)
The Harvest Festival lasts for four days, although the first few days focus around actually harvesting the years crops. Whenever the harvest is complete, the remaining days are spent in celebration of another years harvest. The Harvest Festival focuses on Rasha (as the plants have died to provide this harvest) and Cernos (Always revered by farmers, especially at harvest).

Orion Holidays

Orion has a new set of holidays to honor the new gods. Most towns shut down for them and focus on open market stalls, taverns, and inns to house travelers.

Summer’s Heat Festival (9th of Summer)
The Summer’s Heat Festival is held in honor of Cernos, Mayuri, and Zotal. Different locations celebrate it in their own way, but Greymouth is renown for having Whaling competitions, in which individuals show off their skill with how much Whale oil they can collect in ten minutes.

Thunder Chasers Championship (24th-26th of Summer)
Three days of competition, the preliminaries are taken care of on the 24th, the 25th is a day of rest and recovery for the players, and general celebration and merriment for everyone else, and the 26th holds the semifinals and finals. The Championship also tends to be a time for people to worship The Patron (Who enjoys the games and culture), as well as Vöris (As it’s a mix of combat, culture, and cooperation), and with any Thunder Chasers event Cernos (for creating the Dinosaurs).

Orion Day (28th of Autumn)
The day Orion was officially recognized as a Nation. This day is a celebration of Orion’s life as well, the Orion’s Arrow national tournament, and the a feast to Vöris for guiding Orion to found the nation.

Snow Court (2nd of Winter)
The Snow Court takes place early in winter, usually right before the first big snows arrive. It originates from nobles getting together to ensure there was enough food stored up among their cities and has now evolved into a celebration all it’s own. If the harvest was good and the storage is full there’s usually a feast in the town, otherwise the town focuses on games and competitions.

Penelope’s Gala (12th of Winter)
During the cold of winter the first queen of Orion, Penelope, decided to hold a Gala for the nobility and upper class at Castle Orion. It’s still held to this day in honor of Queen Penelope. It’s an evening of dancing and socializing, drinking and relaxation.


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