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Chakai is a nation-state that resides North West of Kana. It’s a large urban sprawl, which use to be the world leader of progress and technology. They’re still the largest producer of pharmaceuticals in the world and are the best place to go to recover. However Chakai is world renown for it’s corrupt government that regularly works with the two criminal organizations with in the nation, The Dragons and The Triad.


Temple District

Temple Street: The area is thick with Ease smoke, second hand high will occur.
-Night Market: At night the street turns into a marketplace for all sorts of second hand goods.
-The Great Temple: Temple for prayer, no deity involved.
-Honokai Herbalism: Sells most herbal drugs, run by Honokai Mah.
-Rikuto Fruit Market: Fresh fruits, run by Rikuto Tang.
-Ayame Squid Shop: Squid and fish shop, run by Ayame Zheng.
-Shiro Rollups: Sells Ease and drug accessories, run by Shiro Shizuka.
-Temple Street Apartments, Gorgon Apartments, 32nd View Apartments.
Takenaka Street: The busiest market street in Chakai.
-Scroll and Pen: Scroll shop, run by Nuan Liu.
-Kuang Medical: Healers shop, run by Haru Kuang.
-Akane Ease Cafe: Ease and food, run by Akane Mori.
-The Hidden Blade: Dagger and hidden blade shop, run by Miyu Shizuka.
-Spice Bowl: Ramen Shop, run by Kazuki Kurosawa.
-Ping Akiyama Vertical Market: Three stories of shops.
2nd Floor:
-Honda Mechanist: Repairs and sells Airship Engines, run by Shun Honda.
-Akiyama Family Whitesmith: Silver and gold smith, run by Sakura Akiyama.
-Pound of Flesh: Butcher shop, run by Wu Hou.
-Wong Pets: Sells Ferrets, Foxes, and Cats, run by Yu Wong.
3rd Floor:
-Pan Pipe Shop: Sells Ease, run by Souta Pan.
-Course Language: Scroll shop, run by Setsuko Oshiro.
-Golden Books: Sells books, run by Yumiko Guo.
-Tinker Tailor: Sells clothing, run by Keiko Tanaka.
-Carpenter Saw: Sells furniture, run by Daichi Kobayashi.
-Blossom: Sells flowers, run by Ran Tanaka.
-Final Fix: Home repair/maintenance, run by Shichiro Watanabe.
4th Floor:
-Qiu Butchery: Sells meats, run by Qiu Suzuki.
-Zushi Curio Shop: Sells curiosities, run by Xue Mizushima.
-Yukiko Smokes: Sells Ease, run by Yukiko Akiyama.
-Roof Top Sushi: Sushi shop, run by Kurou Nakano.
-Grind Stone: Sells grains, run by Sachiko Fujioka.
-World View: Sells maps, run by Zhi Fujioka.
-Secret Answers: Private Investigator, Lady Tomiko Koizumi.

Diamond District

Emerald Street: Foreign Diplomats and Banks. Streets are paved with Turquoise.
-Nox Embassy: The Noble’s current place of work and residence. King Solomon.
-Kana Embassy: Recently vacated.
-Winter Mirth Embassy: Winter Mirth, part of the Emerald Council, Queen Rebecca.
-Whiteriver Embassy: Whiteriver, part of the Emerald Council, King Gerald.
-Stahlwacht Embassy: Steel Watch, part of the Emerald Council, Queen Katherine.
-Tarsis Embassy: Tarsis, Eastern Kingdom, Young Prince Tahir Amjad.
-Ajahn Embassy: Ajahn, Eastern Kingdom, Khalifa Vit Sarka
-Emerald Street Bank: Banking for the rich, accounts must have a minimum balance of 200 gold.
-Emerald Street Cafe: Sushi and Rice Cafe, run by Aiko Nakamura.
-Spirit of Battle: High quality gun forger, run by Master Masaru Zhang.
-White Lotus: High-end Jewelry shop, run by Aya Matsushita.
-The Silk Touch: High-end ‘entertainment’ services, run by Rin Miyamoto.
-Musical: 10 gp an hour.
-Drink and Conversation: 25 gp to 100 gp an hour, depending on drinks.
-Physical: 40 gp an hour.
-Package Deal: 50 – 100 gp an hour.
-Limb Clinic: Warforged limbs for people. run by Doctor Moriko Ito.

Foreigner District

Holly Street: High class foreign market, big on imports.
-Arvandor Estate: Two story mansion above the Arvandor Market.
-Arvandor Market: Host to many foreign import sale locations.
-Nox Armorer: Western Armor imports from Nox, run by Bailey McCarthy.
-Health Elixirs from Abroad: Sells healing potions, run by Roy Mooney.
-Rare Magics: Sells magic items, run by Roisin MacConnell.
-Sharpest Blades: Sells swords, run by Scotty McArthur.
-Quick’s Airstrip: Run by Flannan “Quick” Quigley.
-Foreign Foods: Nox food shop. Run by Kirstie Scully.
-The Djinn’s Lamp: Shop sells Arcane spells at a rate of 75 gp for first level, 150 gp for second level, 300 gp for third level, and 600 gp for fourth level spells. Run by Fazl Ahmed.
-Food from Home: Eastern Kingdom foods. Run by Ramla Hussain.
-Eastern Blades: Eastern Kingdom blades. Run by Adel Zaman.
-Rooms Like Home: Nox style apartments, rather expensive. Run by Allen McNeil.
-Silken Harem: Eastern Kingdom brothel. Run by Lady Safi, Safiyyah Albaf.
-The Iron Band: Eastern Kingdom Music and Dance Club. Run by Iona Kinley.
King Street: Lower class foreign district, known for it’s crime.
-Ravagers Refuge: Low class apartments. Run by Gus Megalos.
-Chen’s Chambers: Low class apartments. Run by Nuo Chen.
-The Broken Bottle: Dive Bar. Run by Thomas O Cleirigh.
-End of the Barrel: Sells handcrafted guns. Run by Sheila O’Hannegan.
-The Glinting Blade: Sells stone weapons. Run by Kerr McLeod.
-The Raging Wench: Low class Brothel. Run by Peadar Ryan.
-Astral Apocalypse: Dive bar and Music Stage. Run by Nia Hamilton.

h2. Refugee District

Shift Street: Highly insulated area that only caters to shifters and Lycanthropes, as part of their culture, you must show you can shift to enter the street, and most remain shifted while visiting. The street is clean, well maintained, and safe. On very rare occasion they will let an outsider in, but only after helping the Shift cause, even having a Shifter or Lycan friend won’t get you in, spouse will on occasion, but you’ve got to be part of the community.
-Lycanous Lodge: One story of pub, two stories of lodgings. Run by Koralia Simonides.
-Smoking Bear: Smoke shop and information dealer. Run by Dora Argyris.
-River Spigot: Small bar, well stocked. Run by Zenovia Ioannidis.
-Sun Downer: Low quality Apartments. Run by Panos Katsaros.
-Eos Lounge: Mid level restaurant, top quality singers and music. Run by Lady W.
-Mhairi O’Brian: Long Tooth Shifter Singer.
-Orna McRae: Blind Elven Wererat Singer.
-Miu McCrae: Half-Orc Werefox Singer.
-Suha Karim: Razorclaw Shifter Singer.
-Kaiju Den: Filled with Kaiju Hunters. Run by Zahid McFee.
-The Fluffy Tail: Shifter and Lycanthrope Brothel, only serve own kind. Run by Vangelis K.
-Cailean O Ciardha: Human Werewolf, Male.
-Kirsty MacIomhair: Razorclaw Shifter, Female.
-Doireann Ivers: Werefox High Elf, Female.
-Glenn Logan: Werebear Dwarf, Male.
-Athol McIvers: Shifter, Male.
-Earthen Den Apartments: Upscale Shifter/Lycanthrope residence. Run by Shevaun McNeil.

Skid Row: Where the hopeless and bankrupt come to try to survive. The street has no actual shops, all the buildings are filled with squatters who will band together if threatened and kill anyone trying to push them out. The city has tried to clean up Skid Row four times before. The Street has a few people of interest, but if you show up you’re going to be pickpocketed as price of entry, and attempting to retrieve it will have the entire street against you. You won’t find a sane Shifter or Lycanthrope here, the sane ones stay in Shift Street, supported by the community.
-Beathag Hambledon: Noxian refugee, Dwarf, Knower of secrets.
-Shay McCrae: The Street’s tough guy, Half-Elf.
-Jameela McClellan: The Street’s tough girl, Half-Orc.
-Ismail McClellan: The younger brother of Jameela, Skidrow’s ‘Tax’ pickpocket, Half-Orc.

h2. Miscellaneous

The Tunnels: The rail tunnels under Chakai.
Platforms: Platforms are a quick glimpse of the area, the higher poverty areas have beggars and only a few state police. All platforms have a price to enter the station, once in the pay areas beggars vanish, and everything is far cleaner. The ticket booths are manned at all times, there are ten to fifty attendants taking the toll at any station, exact change is required, citizens pay one silver, foreigners pay 5 silver to enter. Once in the system you can go anywhere you want, trains come every three minutes.
Trains: Trains seat 16, but can hold up to 40 comfortably, and 80 if packed in.


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