City Rheinland





Rheinland Wire Central

The central connection for Broadcast Audio in all of Orion, home of The Voice of Orion and makes Rheinland an extremely important city when it comes to both communication and culture. The five story tall tower runs underground wire connections around Orion, it also provides the power for the entire Wire network, using an old magical artifact visible at the top of the tower to charge the batteries of other Wire Stations around Orion. A lot of high profile individuals come here to be heard around Orion on broadcasts, and the Queen herself visits for any royal decree, making Rheinland a rather popular place.

Falcon Estate

City home of Falcon. With enough room to host 8 visitors, parties of 60 plus, and a nice garden in the backyard.

The Northern Train Hub

The Northern Train Hub hosts the connection to Nox via the Nox-Orion express, as well as being the second stop on the Orion Express. It’s a small train yard, room to store the Nox-Orion express and perform maintenance as well as the Orion Express when it’s done for the day.

See Transportation

Jame’s Tavern

A local tavern with a Sound Wire box, run by Slick James, has a strong community and philanthropic outreach. As a result of focusing on helping others, it’s fallen into disrepair and most of the stuff inside is falling apart. James refuses to update anything when that money could go towards feeding people.

The Shrines

A collection of Shrines to the Divine Eight. In Rheinland the Shrines to Patron, Mayuri, and Vöris are crafted larger and nicer than the rest, there is always a Shrine Attendant available at one of these.

Tsukiko’s Pharmaceutical Lab

The Baroness of Pharmaceuticals, Tsukiko is responsible for most of the mass produced pharmaceuticals in Orion, the colder northern temperatures help with production conditions keeping prices low, a large number of Rheinland citizens work for Tsukiko, some have to having their lives saved by her medications they now are paying back the debt they owe for receiving the drugs that cured them when they couldn’t pay.

Oliver’s Lumber Yard

Rheinlands major industries include lumber exports, the Northern Forests of Orion are perfect for construction, and as Orion continues to grow the market for construction materials is booming. Oliver Klein makes a great living managing the lumber harvest and export to the rest of Orion.

Public Bathhouse

A Roman inspired bath house meets laundry. The structure is divided into four main baths, Male, Female, Other, and Combined; all sections required undergarments to be worn at all times. The water is constantly flowing, heated in the central building, it then pours out into the other baths, which are built in tiers to promote water flow and cycling of old water out. You’ll find similar bath houses in cities, however towns usually only can manage a single bath if that. The baths are favored for a meeting place as it’s extremely hard to hide a weapon on your person when you’re down to your skivvies, it’s also a public and relaxing location. There are a few private rooms, pools sized comfortably for groups of eight, where they’ll draw a warm bath for you and a small group for a fee of four silver.

City Rheinland

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