Creating a Character

Creating A Character

Character Profile

Information that will help you design a character that flushes with the story properly. Use the following information to craft a character who fits the world as well as some roleplaying options I want to make available.


Following is a short list of what I want from you for your new character.

Add Character to Obsidian Portal

Add your character to the Obsidian Portal Character page, be sure to set them to Player Character.

Character Direction

I’d like to have a quick chat with each player alone about their character, a basic ‘Where do you see your character in 5 years’ idea. Knowing what you want to do with a character will give me the most basic means to provide interesting situations for your character and also helps me make sure that you’re current character fits well with the rest of the group.

Character Sheet Info

Name, Race, Class, Gender, Age, and other basics. This is a must so I can see the party composition and start planning encounter and dungeons.


The following are highly recommended to help me weave your characters story into the world. Quality over quantity.

Obsidian Portal Character Sheet

Update your character with needed D20 5e stats.

Six Conceptual Elements

Flesh out your character with physical description, important life events, memories, psychological profile, deepest fears, greatest dreams, mannerisms and quirks, or injuries. Select concepts that add and shape your character, avoid throw away concepts.

Two Short Term Goals/Plots

At least two short term goals, one should be a character goal another should be a player goal for how you want your character to develop. These should be something that can be accomplished rather quickly.

One Long Term Goal/Plot

A long term goal, maybe it’s part of the reason you’re adventuring, maybe it’s something important to your character, or maybe it’s a larger story arc for your character. Anything from finding a lost relative to the character overcoming a fear or realizing the error of their ways.

Three People

At least three people connected to your character, positive or negative, friend, family or nemesis. These people will become NPC’s in game.

Two Secrets

At least two secrets your character is keeping, or secrets kept from your character.

Example Background Idea

Vengeance Background

You’re well known at home and in some circles for your time playing Orion’s Arrow, you and your team got third at the Orion Championship but a dirty play from the other team left you with a defective arrow that skewered and killed one of your teammates when you were trying to pass the arrow. The blood on your hands and a desire to prove the dirty play resulted in your team mates death constantly pushed you forwards, but evidence is hard to find so you’ve turned to adventuring to make money and to try and find more clues.

Long Term Goal/Plot Recommendations

Justice or Revenge?: I want Character_Name_Here to struggle between quick revenge on those responsible for getting the lethal arrow in play, or to prove their responsibility in your teammates death and have justice delivered.

Short Term Goal/Plot Recommendations

It would be so easy: The opportunity to get revenge on one of the members of the other team comes up, and the perfect conditions for murder come up.

Back in the game: Not really wanting to get back into the game, a situation arises where the group has to play and win a game of Orion’s Arrow to get a boon, and forces my character to get back in the game, even if it’s just once.

General Roleplay Stuff

Shared Stories

As the game starts and new characters are introduced, if it feels thematically appropriate or within your character's background, you can on the fly make a connection with NPC’s or other characters in game. Party bumps into a slippery Rogue, maybe you know them personally or perhaps this is the second time they’ve tried to steal from you. I’d recommend keeping the relations simple, and details can be built in over time, avoid fleshing out every details of a relationship at creation.

Creating a Character

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