Cult The Seven Dragons

The Seven Dragons Cult worships 7 powerful dragons. People who follow this cult usually worship the dragon closest to their home, some worship multiple dragons, usually keeping their extended families location in mind, where they live and where they currently are. Members revere dragons and all who are born in their image of or who worship the image of the dragon.

The alignment of the dragon doesn’t matter to the worshipers, they will say a prayer to Lyrroth even if they’re usually lawful good individuals, as they see the dragon as a being of power. Prayers may range from asking for power or assistance to asking the dragon to intervene or not intervene in local affairs.

The Seven

Lyrroth: The Black Dragon of Kana. The Dragon of Corruption.
Apophis: The Copper Dragon of The Eastern Kingdoms. The Dragon of Tales.
Jura: The Green Dragon of The Wild Lands. The Dragon of the Summer.
Sorrilth: The Gold Dragon of Chakai. The Dragon of Luck.
Hirador: The Silver Dragon of Orion. The Dragon of Winter.
Vanlith: The Draco-Lich of Nox. The Dragon of Death.
Galzra: The Blue Dragon of the Trade Waves. The Dragon of Storms.

Cult The Seven Dragons

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