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Old Hells
Usage: “What in the old hells?” “By the old hells!” “Damn you to the old hells!”
Meanings: The old hells are exactly that, the levels of hell once ruled over by the some of the old gods. Not only is it a bad place to be in general, but now it’s also not looked after so it comes with the implication of damnation and being forgotten.

Minerva’s Thirst
Usage: “Be careful he has Minerva’s thirst.” “Don’t worry about inviting Chel, she’s got Minerva’s Thirst.”
Meanings: Minerva’s Thirst refers to the Goddess Minerva’s thirst for knowledge, she is said to forsake friends, deals, and pacts to gain an ounce of knowledge she didn’t have before. Commonly used for those driven mad or students who spend to much time hitting the books.

Mayuri’s Light
Usage: “Let Mayuri’s Light guide you.”
Meanings: Usually used for simple prayers, it refers to the guidance and protection of Mayuri.

Zotal’s Storm
Usage: “Zotal’s Storm find you!” “May Zotal’s Storm take you!” “I will show you Zotal’s Storm!”
Meanings: Zotal is the God of the Tempest, the storm refers to both the literal storm that is said to surround Zotal when he walks the Material Plane, as well as the metaphorical storm of anger that is said to encompass Zotal. In “showing” someone this storm a person means to show them the absolute limit of their rage.

Daily Culture

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