[Work in Progress]
Nothing here is final, it’s mostly a collection of ideas and possibilities until it gets further developed.

Feat Ideas:

  • Gain a Ground Vehicle proficiency, (Motorcycle, Auto-carriages, Small Boats, Large Boats).
  • Advantage on vehicle stunts, either flat given or means to gain it.
  • Enhance defensive options in vehicles to keep the driver safer, passengers and vehicle may also get boosts.
  • Combat focused bonuses from using vehicles, more than just a flat bonus for being the driver.
  • Pick a vehicle type to gain special abilities with, Motorcycle has more combat choices, Auto-carriages more utility choices.
Motorcycle Specials

Wheeled Weapon: In Melee combat, you make a devastating melee attack with the motorcycle as a full attack action, popping a wheelie and then rotating on the back wheel to strike an opponent with the front wheel of the motorcycle. Dealing 4d8 + 4 bludgeoning damage.
Lancer’s Charge: Charging with the motorcycle adds + 5 damage and – 1 to hit for each speed category above stopped you’re moving at.

Auto-carriage Specials

Drive and Shoot: Able to attack with a single handed range weapon without disadvantage while driving.
Hold on: When your vehicle collides with something else on your turn, everyone in your vehicle has advantage on the Dexterity Saving throw.


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