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Dragon Pilots originally got their name due to their part in hunting dragons with airships. Now the name honors the majestic creatures, as most Dragon Pilots fly with or protect the few remaining dragons.



Dragon Pilot

Dragon Pilots are this worlds equivalent of Fighter Pilots. They’re skilled at flying, crafting and repairing Airships. Dragon Pilots also understand the interactions of Residuum engines, gaining an understanding of their Arcane nature.

Gain Proficiency with Arcana and Piloting skills.
Gain Proficiency with Piloting a single type of Airship (Light, Medium, Heavy, Super-Heavy).
Gain Proficiency with Airship Weapons.
Gain Proficiency with Airship Tools.
Gain Access to Acrobatic Maneuvers

Acrobatic Maneuvers

These maneuvers are only available to Dragon Pilots, and give them the edge in combat when compared to untrained pilots.

Aileron Roll

Piloting DC: 5 + Condition modifiers
Description: Commonly though incorrectly referred to as a barrel roll, the first thing most pilots learn. The aircraft rotates 360 degrees on it’s longitudinal axis. This is commonly referred to as a Victory Roll and is used as a sign of celebration. Basic training maneuver, Immelmann and Barrel Rolls rely on the same techniques required to perform an Aileron Roll.
Effect: Grants half cover to the airship.
Failure: Airship loses half it’s momentum.


_Piloting DC: 10 + Condition modifiers
G-Force DC: 10
Maneuverability Minimum: Average
Description: The aircraft is flown in a loop, using positive or negative pitch. When viewed from the side it looks like the plane has flowing in a circle and is back where it started.
Effect: Anyone targeting you has disadvantage this turn, you don’t move this turn.
Failure: Stall and enter freefall


Piloting DC: 10.
Maneuverability Minimum: Poor
G-Force DC: 6
Description: A simple half loop followed by a forwards roll, allowing the aircraft to change directions quickly.
Effect: Turn around in a space and gain or lose half current speed in altitude.
Failure: Stall and enter freefall

Barrel Roll

Piloting DC: 15
Maneuverability Minimum: Poor
G-Force DC: 8
Description: The flight path of a barrel roll has the shape of a horizontal corkscrew with a helical path.
Effect: Anyone targeting you is at disadvantage on attack rolls, move at half speed, keep momentum after maneuver.
Failure: Stall and enter freefall

Hammerhead (Stall Turn)

Piloting DC: 10 (Second turn)
Maneuverability Minimum: Average
G-Force DC: 10
Description: This two turn maneuver starts with a forced stall where the pilot flies straight up. On the second turn, the pilot will try to leave the stall and turn 180 degrees, effectually turning around on the spot.
Effect: First turn, gain your speed in altitude and stall, anyone targeting you has disadvantage to hit on this turn. Second turn, make the Piloting check, failure results in entering freefall stalled, success turns you 180 degrees and keeps you moving at your initial entry speed.

Maneuver Speed Modifiers

0-20: Unable to perform Acrobatic Maneuvers, Airship enters freefall.
21-30: Piloting DC + 5 G-Force DC – 2.
31-50: Preferred Maneuver Speed
51-70: Piloting DC + 2, G-Force DC + 2.
71-90: Piloting DC + 4, G-Force DC + 4.
91-100: Piloting DC + 6, G-Force DC + 6.
101+: Disadvantage on Piloting and G-Force.
Every increment of ten: Piloting DC + 2, G-Force DC + 2.


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