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A person who believes there should be no limits to mental or physical modification/augmentation, and work to continue enhance themselves. Ex-Species are heavy adapters of Automail, and seek out magical items that can fuse with them. Their bodies and minds are better suited to accept automail for some reason.


Unlocked Potential: Gain a plus 1 to all Attribute Bonuses from Automail. Add 5 to movement speed bonuses. Add 5 to Horizontal Jump distances, and 2.5 ft to Vertical Jump Distance.

Adaptive mind: Gain a + 2 to the number of Unnatural Automail you can support. So you can effectively support your Intelligence Modifier + 2 worth of Unnatural Automail.

Natural Acclimation: When making Automail Acclimation checks, you have advantage when you’re first using a limb. Any limbs you have acclimated to no longer require the Acclimation check.

Quick Adjustment: Disadvantage time for failing an Automail Acclimation check is drastically lowered: Hours are now turns, Days are now minutes.

Quick Swap: You can swap Automail Limbs in a single standard Action; you can Attach or detach limbs as a move action.

Damage Mitigation: You roll a 1d12 instead of a 1d8 when rolling on the Automail Strike Table, where 9,10, 11 and 12 are just normal hits and don’t damage Automail.

Expanded Enhancements: Your body is now capable of having it’s eyes replaced without rejecting them.


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