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Gun Kata is heavily inspired from John Woo style Gun Fu, Equilibrium’s Gun Kata (name taken), and the Western Gun Fu found in The Matrix.

Gun Kata

Kata means “Form” as in specific movements. Gun Kata refers to the Chakain mixing of martial arts and firearms, providing different stances and sets of actions those stances allow. Each Kata has it’s own combat and movement focused benefits, but all of them focus around Constitution as the primary stat, your ability to remain focused on the form.

Pick the number of Stances equal to your Proficiency Bonus, as your proficiency bonus increases, gain additional Stances.

Extension of Self: Firearms are small enough that a master can adapt to the extended distance, treating the weapons as extensions of themselves. You are no longer at disadvantage with one-handed firearms when making range attacks within 5 feet of an enemy. (This allows you to avoid disadvantage even while duel wielding)

Stance Concentration

Stance concentration works just like spell concentration, when you take damage or suffer forced movement you must make a Constitution Save DC 10 or if the damage is above 20, the DC is the damage taken divided by 2. While in a Stance you can not cast or maintain any spells, or perform other actions that require concentration.

Hard Stance Breaks

You imitatively drop out of a stance if you fall, jump, fly, climb, or swim. Any movement where you’re feet aren’t planted firmly on the ground disrupts you stance. However each stance does has special movement conditions where you can maintain a stance.

Entering and Switching stances

Stances can be entered as a bonus action. They take a moment of focus, and require you to be able to put your body in the proper Kata.

Mountain Stance

Mountain stance is about slow movement, and taking damage. A strong and tense stance, the Mountain Kata of heavy motions slow movement but allow the practitioner to withstand the enemy they come up against.
Save Bonus: You may add your Constitution Modifier twice to Constitution Saves.
Special Movement: Mountain Stance doesn’t break when you receive forced movement.
Stance Effect: Gain Resistance to Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Piercing damage. Difficult Terrain doesn’t effect movement. Double the cost of movement. You have Advantage to resist grapple checks and ignore the first 10 feet of forced movement.

River Stance

River is a fluid defensive stance, avoiding damage and focusing on fluid motion. This Kata of graceful and smooth movement allows the practitioner to become fluid when avoiding attacks, yet strike with the force of a waterfall as they move across the battle field.
Save Bonus: You may add your Constitution Modifier to Wisdom Saves.
Special Movement: River Stance doesn’t require a concentration check in water, and can be held while swimming if you have a water movement speed.
Stance Effect: Gain + Proficiency to AC while in Light or No Armor, and with no shield.
Gun Ballet: The first time you make a ranged attack against an enemy with in 5 ft of you each round, you may immediately move 10 ft without provoking an attack of opportunity from any enemy you have struck this round.

Wind Stance

Wind Stance focuses on ease of movement, and is a acrobatic and combat stance. This swift and sharp angled stance allows the practitioner to cut through the air, and maintain full control of their physical self.
Save Bonus: You may add your Constitution Modifier to Dexterity Saves.
Special Movement: Wind Stance doesn’t require a concentration check if you’re jumping or falling, and if you have a fly speed, it can be maintained while flying.
Stance Effect: You may attack while jumping, falling, or wall running without disadvantage. While you are 10 feet off the ground or higher, you gain Advantage on your attacks.
Wall Running: You gain your movement speed of wall running, although running up a wall is considered difficult terrain, costing double movement. You can run up walls, down walls to avoid fall damage, and across walls to cross environmental hazards.

Wild Fire Stance

Wild Fire stance focuses on multi target combat. A wide and open Kata that allows the practitioner to focus completely on offense, blind to the expression of their own body while they’re lost in the Wild Fire stance.
Save Bonus: You may add your Constitution Modifier to Strength Saves.
Special Movement: Wild Fire Stance doesn’t require a concentration check when you take damage.
Stance Effect: You gain advantage with attacks against a target if you haven’t attacked (hit or miss) that target this round. You grant Advantage to anyone trying to hit you.
Wild Fire: Roll one extra weapon damage die while in this stance.

Empty Stance

Empty or void stance focuses on spiritual power. Eyes closed, sometimes blind folded, this Kata allows the practitioner to see the world around them as glowing elemental energy, their attacks glide through physical matter like air.
Save Bonus: You may add your Constitution Modifier to Charisma Saves.
Special Movement: You can not move in this stance, any forced movement including teleportation ends the stance instantly.
Stance Effect: You may target enemies with in 30 feet of you that you normally could not see due to cover, invisibility, or blindness, without penalty. Your weapons are treated as + 1 Magical weapons for the purposes of damage resistance but don’t deal any extra damage. Your attacks, be they blades or bullets, pass through solid matter, allowing you to attack through walls, magical barriers, and solid barriers alike.


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