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Soft rain from the thunder storm surrounding them made the ground soft, he could feel his boots sinking in the mud when he came to a stop. Wind blew Nathan’s duster, giving away the pistol and revolver at his hip. The head bandit grinned, “Looks like you’re out numbered.” The other bandits readied bows, a bead of sweat rolled down from Nathan’s hat down his cheek, and a flash of lightning. One bandit dropped, quickly followed by the other three, the boss the last one standing, no one had heard the shots, but Nathan’s pistol was empty and he slowly returned it to his belt. The bandit boss took a shot, the arrow sticking in Nathan’s right arm, but his left was a blur of motion. Onlookers claim that he never drew his revolver, that the bandit simply died of fright, but the wound told a different tale.

Extensive training with handguns will grant you the title of Gunslinger. Weapons acquired in the field do not gain the following bonuses until you’ve spent an hour with them.
Gain Weapons Proficiency with two weapons

Quick Reload: Experience with the weapons has given you the ability to reload a Revolver with lightning speed. You spend a Movement Action to fully reload a cylinder weapon, or an Item Interact Action to use a speed loader to reload a cylinder weapon.

Maintenance: Proper maintenance and slight modifications of your weapons has reduced their likelihood of jamming; remove Jams property, even when using paper ammunition.

Revolver Fanning: Treat Cylinder weapons as Semi-Automatic instead of Single shot weapons if you have a free hand. Two Handed quality excludes a weapon from this ability.

Hip Shot: As a reaction when a hostile creature draws a weapon, you may draw a firearm that doesn’t have the heavy property, make a single ranged attack against the creature, and either keep out or re-holster the newly drawn firearm.


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